Little-known paradises of Baja California


Baja California hides surprising natural destinations

In Baja California tourists will be able to find great varieties of microclimates, from being able to see the desert, the beach, mountains to valleys, and much more than the northern state has to offer.

These are 5 amazing Baja California tourist destinations. Remember to take health and safety measures.

Relax, walk in the fresh air, see the incredible clear sky, away from the city. This is what these paradises offer.

1. Sierra de San Pedro Mártir – Ensenada

The Sierra San Pedro Mártir has beautiful and impressive views, it is surrounded by fir trees, pines and forests. Being one of the highest points in the country, on the Picacho del Diablo mountain, you can see incredible landscapes, there are even moments where you can even touch the clouds.

In San Pedro Mártir you can go hiking, cycling, rappelling, camping and much more. It should be said that here is the
only National Astronomical Observatory.

2. Constitución 1857 Park – Ensenada

Being a protected area, visitors can closely observe the fauna of the place, such as the bighorn sheep and the mule deer.

The park’s climate is characterized by being temperate semi-dry and with snow in the winter. Visiting it for hiking and mountaineering is ideal for anyone who enjoys outdoor experiences.

3. El Refugio – San Quintín

El Refugio is one of the places to discover in San Quintín, which is the entrance to the Punta Mazo nature reserve, an area destined for conservation. The area is home to 97 species of land mammals, marine mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds.

You can find white sand beaches, extinct volcanoes (Sudoeste, Pescador and Monte Mazo), as well as other natural surprises. You will also find a beach with turquoise blue water, here you will have all the tranquility and harmony for hiking, trekking, picnic, among many other activities.

4. Laguna Salada – Mexicali

Despite the name this place has no water. There is a sandy desert with a length of 60 kilometers, semi-desert vegetation with sands and cacti.

If you stay long enough, you can witness spectacular sunsets with immersive horizons full of tranquility for hiking and photography. The Laguna Salada has been the scene of important events such as athletics races, mountain biking and rides with all-terrain vehicles.

5. The wetlands – San Quintín

Baja California has 7 wetlands that are part of the international list of great importance called Ramsar, one of them is located in the fishing community of San Quintín. In the San Quintín Bay Wetlands, you can admire the formation left by the water in its path, drawing snakes on the grass.

All this around 5 thousand 438 hectares of muddy plains, dunes, volcanic cones and coastal and desert scrub vegetation. In Los Humedales there are two coastal lagoons: Bahía Falsa and Punta Azufre. In addition, it has important flora and fauna, characteristic of the region.

These surprising landscapes are part of the new trends for the traveler looking for spaces surrounded by nature. Reaching them will be easy by road, or it is possible to get there through certified tour operators. They are perfect destinations for these times of pandemic and confinement.


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