Paracho de Verduzco, the world capital of Guitars, is now a Pueblo Mágico


The Guitar World Capitol, Paracho de Verduzco, obtained its appointment as Magic Town, becoming the ninth in Michoacán.

Se llevará acabo del 3 al 11 de agosto en Paracho, Michoacán la XLVI Feria  Internacional de la Guitarra - Plenilunia

The municipal government of Paracho submitted its request to obtain the appointment and after a rigorous process, the town met all the requirements to be named as a Magic Town.

According to the Federal Ministry of Tourism, a Magic Town must have symbols and legends, historical moments, magical attractions, and above all, that show the identity of the country in each of its corners.

In this sense, Paracho de Verduzco is world-renowned for making guitars and various wood-based toys, as well as having been the inspiration to make the guitar for the famous Disney movie “Coco”.

Coco Guitar

The new Magic Town of Michoacán has many activities to offer its visitors, some of them are:

  • Museum of the Guitar Fair and Lauderos Club
  • House of the Artisans
  • Monumental guitar
  • Cerrito Pelón
  • Tata Vasco ecotourism center
  • Chapels included in the National Catalog of Historical Monuments Property by the National Institute of Anthropology and History 

Paracho de Verduzco joins the 8 Magical Towns that Michoacán already had: Angangueo, Cuitzeo, Santa Clara del Cobre, Tacámbaro, Jiquilpan, Tlalpujahua, Pátzcuaro and Tzintzuntzan.

Los pueblos mágicos en Michoacán. El estado de Michoacán cuenta con 8… | by  Xcaret Serrano | Medium

During the event, the Secretary of Tourism of Michoacán, Claudia Chávez López, accompanied by the Municipal President of Paracho, José Manuel Caballero, received the appointment of the entity. The Federal Ministry of Tourism granted 11 new appointments of Magical Towns that are added to the program, giving a result of 132 Magical Towns.


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