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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Real Estate

Guadalajara and Monterrey real estate housing trends

Despite the complications left by 2020, people who already showed an intention to buy or rent a home maintain their plans and it is...

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Business and Economy

Guadalajara wants to reactivate the convention industry in Jalisco

Guadalajara, Jalisco (March 22, 2021).- Through an Ambassador program that has been operating since 2015, Guadalajara will strengthen its promotion and application as a venue to attract national and international groups and conventions, and...

Valoreo wants to buy Mexico e-commerce businesses

Five young people bet on Latin America to find value in all kinds of e-commerce businesses and make them grow.The goal of this startup is to build a 21st-century e-commerce holding company in the...


Mexico, a paradise for tourists fleeing sanitary restrictions in their home countries

Despite being hit hard by the coronavirus, Mexico is one of the only countries in the world that never closed its borders to tourists...

Romantic areas for the day of Kisses in Guadalajara

In addition to being a place full of tradition and folklore, the Jalisco capital has become a city that exalts all forms of romance. Sharing...

Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta exceed Cancun hotel occupancy for the Easter (Semana Santa)...

Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta exceeded Cancun hotel occupancy, as reported by the Federal Tourism Secretary (Sectur); Los Cabos being the most visited destination in...

Food and Drink

Cactus Fruit is so traditional that’s even depicted on the Mexican flag

April 06, 2021).- The tuna is the fruit of the nopal, in Nahuatl nōpalli and nōchtli  for the tuna. Tunas in the wild are eaten by many arid land...

Hear about travel to Guadalajara Jalisco as the Amateur Traveler talks about food, travel,...

by Chris Christensen Hear about travel to Guadalajara Mexico as the Amateur Traveler talks to food, travel, and surf enthusiast Paul Hudson about the city he...

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