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Jalisco News

There are 18 dead in the storm; fail in preventive actions

It is the highest figure so far of the current Government; There are now nine deaths after the stream overflowed in Autlán The Jalisco Civil...


These are Morena’s candidates for Governor of Jalisco

Jalisco is the state with the highest number of registered candidates with 49, of which 28 are women and 21 men. However, the Morena State...
Ron DeSantis

Mexico’s tensions with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis escalate

The arrest of a Mexican national accused of transporting undocumented migrants into the state is aggravating relations between Florida and Mexico, whose president and...

Ecuador, under the clutches of the Mexican cartels 

There is no country in the world that handles such a high proportion of tons of cocaine per inhabitant as Ecuador. The South American...


The unprecedented reason why Scotiabank, HSBC and Inbursa will close branches in Mexico 

Are you a Scotiabank, HSBC or Inbursa customer? Then you will be interested in knowing why these financial entities that have operations in the Mexican national territory will close branches.  Despite the fact that a...

Nearshoring in Mexico: a historic opportunity for the economy of the future 

Mexico has a historic opportunity to take the technology industry in its territory to the next level, which will lead the economy of the future. Through globalization and current business needs, the phenomenon of...


Engineers from Jalisco and Querétaro develop vehicles of the future 

More than 2,400 engineers, in the three Research and Development centers that the German Continental has in Mexico, develop the new technologies for the...

Mexican startup Klar gets a US$100 million boost from investment firm Victory Park Capital

Mexican financial services startup Klar has received a $100 million USD debt facility from investment firm Victory Park Capital, it announced on Tuesday, August...

Real Estate


“Going to Chapala was like going to the beach”: This was the ‘Mar Chapálico’...

The great Lake of Chapala throughout its history has been an inspiring setting for many artists and great figures who have found in the...

Xantolo, a new Day of the Dead festival in Guadalajara 

A sensory experience with live DJs (Deadmau5 is already confirmed!), monumental altar of the dead, catrines and catrinas contest and much more   Celebrate the Day...

8 restaurants to listen to live music in Guadalajara 

In these restaurants you can live an experience that goes beyond the culinary: from jazz groups to singers and much more   Sometimes you feel like...

Food and Drinks

There will be Oktoberfest in Guadalajara, and admission will be FREE!

Transport yourself to a German city with this beer festival that will be at the end of September with a lot of surprises Add this...

To Drive — or Not to Drive — in Mexico

A big question for many Americans and Canadians contemplating a move to Mexico is what to do with your car. Your options include selling...

Expats Crime

American citizen kidnapped in Jalisco freed after 8 months

An American abducted in Mexico and held by captors for eight months was released Friday night and is safe, FBI officials said on Saturday, July 15th. Monica...


Mexico History

The Battle of Playa Los Muertos: A Crucial Episode in the History of Puerto Vallarta 

Bahía de Banderas was separated for years from the rest of the nation thanks to its deep ravines, high mountains, thick jungle and rivers that, in addition to being a beautiful tourist attraction, at that time represented a challenge for those who wanted to...

Mexico Living

Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based street artist, political activist, and film director whose real name and identity remain unconfirmed and the subject of speculation. The numerous works of the mysterious British author arrive in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico with an unlimited rebellious spirit, in an exhibition that, the author himself assures, is carried out without his permission The exhibition of Banksy's disruptive art...


Dengue cases continue to increase in Jalisco  

The rebound in dengue cases that has been recorded in recent weeks continues in Jalisco.  Data from the Federal Government Health Secretariat indicate that there are 76 cases so far this year, 9 more in the latest report compared to the previous one.  The Jalisco Secretary...