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Puerto Vallarta will host the First Gay Lesbian Tennis Alliance Tournament in Mexico

As part of a world tour of tennis tournaments that will span Europe, Asia, Australia, the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America, the...


Which is the most dangerous criminal organization in Mexico, according to the US US

Republicans indicated that this drug cartel is dedicated to the trafficking of illicit substances and people, drone attacks and acts of cannibalism Among the various...

Mexican “Searching Mothers” are now using drones to locate human remains in Jalisco

Maria Aguilar has been searching for her son for over a decade. She, like thousands of Mexicans whose loved ones are missing, has spent...

Mexico has 140 thousand asylum applications, only behind Germany and the United States.

The National Migration Institute (INM) reported that Mexico has received more than 140 thousand asylum requests so far this year, a figure that exceeds...


In Jalisco, you need to earn between 20 to 30 thousand pesos

In Jalisco, you need to earn between 20 to 30 thousand pesos to have a quality of life; 47% earn a minimum wage of 7,500 pesos Nationally, it is said that people who earn a...

As high rates bite in September, Mexico’s retail sales miss all estimates

Retail sales volumes in Mexico surprised to the downside in September, landing behind all estimates from market participants as high borrowing costs hurt the sector in Latin America's second-largest economy. Sales fell 0.2% in September...


Mexican Energy Sector has “gigantic” needs (Sara Alarcon)

Mexican presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum’s team is discussing whether the nation should revive auctions for electricity and oil projects to help finance its vast energy...

Mexico emerges as new hub for Indian IT companies operations

BENGALURU: Mexico is becoming a popular destination for customer experience management (CXM), which improves customer interactions across various channels. TCS and Infosys have been...

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Puerto Vallarta is getting ready to host the 12th International Charro Championship

Starting next Wednesday, January 31, it will be one of the most important events of charrería Once again, Puerto Vallarta will host one of the...

Ferris Wheel in Guadalajara: costs, schedules, location and EVERYTHING you need to know

It is a completely free attraction that in a short time has become the favorite of tapatíos and tourists. As part of the attractions installed...

They Bring “Ilusinante” to the Magical Towns of Jalisco

Invites you to explore these destinations in Jalisco during this season, providing the opportunity to enjoy moments full of joy, with family or friends. The...

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Where to eat in Guadalajara, according to chef Enrique Pérez (El Doncel)

The day after he was born in Madrid, 49 years ago, his parents took him to Sigüenza, where he has lived ever since. Enrique...


The best countries for expats have been ranked with Mexico taking the top spot. We take a look at the rest of the results Mexico is...

Expats Crime

American woman wanted for sexually abusing a minor is arrested in Jalisco, Mexico

A Texas woman wanted for sexually abusing a child is now in police custody. Members of INTERPOL Mexico arrested Iris Iliana Rodriguez, 34, on Dec....


Mexico History

This was Antonio Aguilar’s link with ‘Don Neto’, founder of the Guadalajara Cartel

Ángela Aguilar's grandfather was Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo's friend, who supported him in his career as an actor and singer. The singer Antonio Aguilar had a friendship with the Sinaloa boss, Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, 'Don Neto', being one of the promoters of his career thanks to...

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We found another way to save time with the OXXO Spin Card! Today we paid our Puerto Vallarta predial (Property Tax) bill online with my Spin Card. The website had not accepted our U.S. Visa cards, but it did accept the OXXO Visa. What a relief! Jonathan found another convenient use for the OXXO Spin card! Today, he paid for...


What to Know Before You Travel. Medicare Coverage in Mexico

As you prepare to travel abroad, it's important to note that Medicare usually does not cover healthcare costs abroad. Healthcare costs incurred while traveling internationally are generally the responsibility of the traveler. Medicare drug plans do not cover any prescription drugs you purchase while traveling...