Playa Careyes: A luxury oasis and natural beauty in Jalisco


If you’re looking for a paradise of luxury and nature, you can’t miss Playa Careyes, an unmissable destination in Costalegre, Jalisco.

Can you imagine enjoying the sea, surrounded by luxury and comfort?

Playa Careyes has everything for your next trip; discover this unmissable destination in Costalegre, Jalisco, and find out why it asks nothing of Tulum.

Founded in 1968 by Gian Franco Brignone, a visionary Italian, Careyes has become a world-renowned place, attracting royalty and celebrities from around the world.

This private real estate complex, composed of ocean-view castles, private villas, little houses, and bungalows, offers a unique experience that combines the sensuality of the Mediterranean with Mexican hospitality.

The location of Careyes is simply incomparable. Located between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, on the southern coast of Jalisco, this region is known as “Costalegre” or happy coast, a name that reflects its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Moreover, Careyes is just two hours away from Puerto Vallarta, making it an accessible destination from major tourist centers.

What distinguishes Careyes is its commitment to environmental conservation. The region has been declared an Ecological Tourist Corridor, underscoring its dedication to protecting and preserving its rich biodiversity, including species like the hawksbill turtles.

Surrounded by crystal-clear beaches and lush jungle, Careyes offers an unparalleled natural environment that captivates all who visit.

But Careyes is much more than a luxury destination. In addition to its stunning landscapes, it offers a variety of activities for all tastes.

From visiting art galleries to exploring emblematic points like La Copa del Sol, an impressive viewpoint built on a cliff, there’s something for every interest.

And of course, we cannot forget the beautiful beaches of Careyes, such as Costa Rosa and Careyitos, known for their gentle waves and unparalleled natural beauty. These hidden gems of the Mexican Pacific are true paradises for sun and sea lovers.

Source: Debate