How to travel from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta without paying tolls?


This is the question many are asking a few days after the opening of the last section, Las Varas-Compostela, of the Guadalajara-Puerto Vallarta highway, as some people prefer to travel without paying tolls.

For those who choose the free route from the state capital to Puerto Vallarta, there are two options: one that remains in Jalisco and another that crosses much of Nayarit. This time, the focus will be on the route that passes only through Jalisco, the Guadalajara-Mascota-Puerto Vallarta highway.

To follow this route, you must take Federal Highway 15 or the Nogales Road, leaving Guadalajara after Aviación Avenue, in the Bajío area. Continue on this road, pass La Venta del Astillero, and take the detour towards the free Tepic road, in the direction of Ameca. Then, continue to a junction to follow Federal Highway 70, which is 171 km long from El Arenal to Mascota, passing through Tala, Buenavista, Los Pocitos, Ameca, Mixtlán, Atenguillo, and Mascota. In the Magic Town, take the state highway 544 Mascota-Las Palmas-Puerto Vallarta, a complicated route due to its curves and conditions. Finally, this section will lead to Puerto Vallarta.

In total, there are five road sections that must be traveled: Guadalajara-Entronque Ameca, federal highway 15; Entronque Ameca-Ameca, transition from federal highway 15 to 70; Ameca-Mascota, federal highway 70; Center of Mascota, transition from federal highway 70 to state highway 544; Mascota-Puerto Vallarta, state highway 544.

Despite the winding sections, the trip is worth it, especially for the beauties offered by the Sierra Madre Occidental; moreover, state highway 544 is the starting point for three Magic Towns: Mascota, Talpa, and San Sebastián del Oeste.

Travelers who opt for this route not only avoid toll costs but also immerse themselves in stunning landscapes and discover the authenticity of the towns they find along the way. It is an experience worth having for those seeking an adventure beyond conventional highways, so now you know how to travel from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta without highway tolls.

The approximate time to reach the Jalisco coast traveling through the mountains will be about five and a half hours.”

Source: Tribuna de la Bahia