This is the “American colony” of Vallarta that you can’t miss


Along with the American colony of Guadalajara, this colony of Vallarta was on the list of the coolest neighborhoods in the world in the list that the magazine Time Out

The American colony of Guadalajara has its counterpart in Puerto Vallarta: the Versalles colony. The two, areas of high added value, have become two of the best rated neighborhoods to live in Jalisco.

The Versalles colony of Puerto Vallarta is located north of the city center. It was one of the neighborhoods that appeared on the outskirts when the city began to grow, with large houses that have now given way to the formation of new buildings of apartments, hotels and restaurants; which have transformed it into an area of tourist interest.

Versalles was on the list of the coolest neighborhoods in the world in the list that the magazine Time Out, a global media and hospitality brand, formulated in 2022 to identify the best neighborhoods internationally. The American colony of Guadalajara took the first place, while the Versalles colony the 51st. Two locations in Jalisco sneaked into such a significant enumeration.

But in addition to sharing a space in the Time Out registry, the Versalles and American colonies share other aspects: the tree-lined streets, buildings, an unprecedented real estate boom, cafes, restaurants, parks, places of interest and, of course, the high added value.

Versalles is a very recurring neighborhood for foreign tourism. It is common to see Americans or Canadians living in their apartments and walking through their streets. In each restaurant, it is also easy to find them, along with other Mexicans, whether locals or visitors. The advantage of this colony is that it offers a much more relaxed atmosphere, than others, such as the Center of Vallarta or the Romantic Zone, which offers precisely this value to the walkers, which seems to make it gain ground in the port.

However, despite being a booming neighborhood, it is still subject to the problems that the municipality faces, such as the lack of water and the conflicts in the collection of garbage.

The Versalles colony, in addition, is easily accessible, because it borders the main avenue of Vallarta, the Francisco Medina Ascencio. In addition, it is adjacent to another residential colony, Fluvial Vallarta; and very close to shopping centers and the beach.

Without a doubt, Versalles is a point that is already included as part of the tours to be done on a visit to Puerto Vallarta.

Source: Infomador