They arrested 2 people with ‘super booty’: 21 million pesos, 89 weapons, and thousands of cartridges


This is the third most relevant seizure of weapons of the present administration, affirmed the Sedena.

The military arrested a woman and a man who kept 21 million pesos, 50 thousand dollars and high-caliber weapons, in a building in Guadalajara, Jalisco, reported the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena). 

Through a statement, Sedena explained that the arrest occurred in the middle of an operation, in which elements of the National Guard and the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) also participated. 

Authorities captured the two people in flagrante delicto inside a building in the Lomas de Polanco neighborhood, located in the city of Guadalajara, where they kept millions of pesos, dollars, weapons, and cartridges. 

Military seize high-caliber weapons and millions of pesos in Jalisco

The Sedena detailed that the woman and the man were assured: 

  • 21 thousand 442 million pesos 
  • 50 thousand dollars
  • 4 thousand 350 cartridges
  • 524 grams of cocaine 
  • 90 chargers 
  • 45 long guns
  • 17 short arms
  • 1 Barrett rifle cal. .fifty”
  • 2 motorcycles
  • 1 vehicle
Operative in Guadalajara | Credits: Sedena

They also secured another property in the Rocío neighborhood, in the San Pedro Tlaquepaque municipality, where they found: 

  • 2 thousand 229 cartridges.
  • 44 chargers.
  • 22 long guns
  • 4 short arms

According to Sedena. They carried out the operations after obtaining information on four buildings occupied by members of organized crime. 

The two people detained, the money, the weapons and the drugs seized were made available to the corresponding authorities, the Secretary of National Defense affirmed. 

“The actions represent a resounding blow against organized crime, this being the third most relevant arms seizure of the present administration,” the agency added._ With information from Maru Rojas.

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