Proof of vaccination now required for Jalisco and Tlaxcala to access public spaces


Tlaxcala and Jalisco are the first entities to require a vaccination certificate to access supermarkets or entertainment events.

As is the case in Europe and other regions of the world, in Mexico some restrictions are also beginning to be implemented, such as access to public places or entertainment events, for those people who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Starting this week, in the states of Jalisco and Tlaxcala, the vaccination certificate that covers vaccination with at least one dose of the vaccine will be a mandatory requirement to enter restaurants, stadiums, exhibitions, clubs, and other public events.

In the case of Tlaxcala, presenting the vaccination certificate or proof of the doses applied is a mandatory requirement to be able to access shopping centers or the supermarket, the same for cafeterias, taquerías, cocina economicas, and hotels.

As complementary measures, the entity reduced the operation of bars and restaurants until 10:00 p.m. and the flow of diners by 50% in closed areas and 70% in open areas.

This measure was applied by the state Ministry of Health in view of the advance of the Ómicron variant in Mexico and in the face of an accelerated number of infections.

According to data from federal health authorities, in Mexico there are more than 96,000 active cases of Covid-19 and Tlaxcala has around 195.

In the case of Jalisco, the requirement for a vaccination certificate to access public places will be implemented as of January 14.

At a press conference, Governor Enrique Alfaro explained that in order to access entertainment events such as bars and stadiums, those interested must present their vaccination certificate.

In case the person does not have their certificate, they can present a negative PCR test with 48 hours of validity.


Mexico Daily Post