San Pedro Yucunama, Oaxaca restricts the entry and exit of people


The municipal authority of San Pedro Yucunama decided to restrict the entry and exit of people who do not live in the town of La Mixteca region due to the continuity of Covid 19 infections.

In a statement, the authority said that due to the rebound in Coronavirus infections they decided to shield his community from this Friday, December 18, so people from other parts who seek to spend the holidays in this town will not allow enter town.

The municipal authority said that they will not allow access to people from neighboring municipalities, so a sanitary filter will be installed and they will monitor who intends to reach Yucunama. Until the last epidemiological account, the municipalities of San Pedro Yucunama do not have Covid 19 infections, but the municipalities around it do, such as San Pedro and San Pablo Teposcolula, Chilapa Villa de Díaz, Tamazulápam Villa del Progreso, and Tlaxiaco.

The authority informed that they will open the accesses when the health emergency is overcome, which will be reported on the official website of the City Council. Likewise, they will abide by the provisions from the government of Oaxaca, which canceled all December events and festivities, including the posadas.

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The authority urged those who reside in other parts of the country or abroad to abide by the established recommendations since the fundamental purpose is to safeguard the integrity of vulnerable groups such as the elderly, pregnant women, children under five years of age, people with diabetes or hypertensive.


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