Clandestine party in Puerto Vallarta shut down


Despite the fact that clubs, bars, and restaurants on the boardwalk are closed. They respect the measures dictated by the government of Jalisco in relation to the emergency button, not everything seems to be the same.

Inspection and Surveillance Personnel are in the central area making sure that the measures imposed after the activation of the Emergency Button are respected.


Nearby, in the so-called Romantic Zone, residents of the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood report that six trucks picked up groups of people in the vicinity of Lázaro Cárdenas Street, presumably to take them to a Halloween party.

Before, in social networks, the party had transcended. Via WhatsApp questioned about it, Mayor Arturo Dávalos mentioned that they had already learned of the matter to avoid it.

However, according to the complaint made to CPS Noticias, the party would be taking place after the attendees had paid 2,500 pesos in cash each. They sent some pictures of buses and people.

Mantamar tourism development would be involved in the party according to the publicity that has circulated profusely on social networks.

The publicity that circulated indicated precisely that buses would take the attendees to the place where the party would take place.

The complainants questioned the foregoing by stating that if everyone can see it, surely the authorities too, which is why they expressed their discontent since other businesses were complying with provisions.


In the area of ​​El Pitillal, it was found that the premises are closed as dictated by the norm. Only one central pharmacy and convenience stores are open.

The streets look empty, the same as the main square in which there is very little presence of people wandering.


The Nayarit Post