Ajijic, Jalisco: The multicultural charm of a magical town next to Lake Chapala “invaded” by Americans


Founded in 1531, the name of the town comes from the Nahuatl “aqsiq zhi”, which means “place where the water spills” or “where the water springs”.

GUADALAJARA.-Ajijic, a picturesque town located on the shores of Lake Chapala, has become a fascinating destination that has captured the interest of both Mexicans and foreigners.

Known for its charm and stunning natural surroundings, Ajijic has been “invaded” by a growing community of Americans, becoming a place of residence or retirement for many of them.

Founded in 1531, the name of the town comes from the Nahuatl “aqsiq zhi”, which means “place where the water spills” or “where the water springs”. This town, one of the oldest in Mexico, has preserved its historical essence and colonial charm, making it a popular tourist destination.

Sprawling majestically near Ajijic, Lake Chapala is one of Mexico’s oldest and greatest natural treasures.

With a total capacity of approximately 8 thousand cubic hectometres and an area of 114,659 hectares, Lake Chapala supplies 60% of the drinking water in the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

This beautiful body of water serves as a backdrop to the daily lives of Ajijic residents and visitors.

Upon arriving in Ajijic, the walk along the boardwalk becomes an unforgettable experience. From this point, you can enjoy an impressive panoramic view of Lake Chapala.

The boardwalk also offers a variety of handicraft and souvenir stalls, where visitors can purchase unique local products and appreciate the talent of street artists.

The famous letters of Ajijic are located in this place, providing a perfect opportunity to capture photographic memories with Lake Chapala in the background.

Ajijic is also the stage for cultural and artistic events. Visitors may be lucky enough to witness the impressive spectacle of the Papantla voladores, an ancient Mexican tradition.

In addition, the town features a mural dedicated to the dead, where approximately 1,000 skulls bear the names of Ajijic’s historical figures, paying homage to its rich cultural heritage.

Ajijic’s gastronomic offer is diverse and attractive. Along the highway that connects Jocotepec with Ajijic, there are numerous restaurants that offer a wide variety of culinary options.

In particular, the restaurant “El Paraíso de My Friend” stands out for its delicious seafood, its cozy atmosphere, and its spectacular view of Lake Chapala. In addition, the place offers live music and a special area for children to enjoy while adults savor their food.

Ajijic’s main square becomes the vibrant heart of the town. Here, the locals and foreigners who have made Ajijic their home mingle in a multicultural symphony.

The small Rosario chapel, located in the square, is a witness to the patron saint’s celebrations and adds a spiritual touch to the environment. Sitting under the shade of the trees in the main square allows you to appreciate the serenity that characterizes this riverside town.

Ajijic, with its mix of cultures and stunning natural surroundings, has captivated the hearts of those who visit.

Its historic charm, welcoming atmosphere, and proximity to beautiful Lake Chapala make it a truly unique tourist destination.

You cannot leave Ajijic without having explored its main square, immersing yourself in the rich local life that makes it vibrate with authenticity.

Source: El Imparcial