Fiestas de Mayo in Puerto Vallarta: a festival full of music and fun


Experience the Puerto Vallarta May Festivities 2023

Puerto Vallarta, one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico, is already preparing to celebrate its May Festival once again.

It is a festival full of fun and music, and it is the perfect complement to your vacation on the beaches of this tropical paradise in Jalisco.

When and where will Puerto Vallarta’s Fiestas de Mayo take place?

The Puerto Vallarta Fiestas de Mayo will take place from May 19 to June 4 of this year at the Explanada Vallarta.

You can enjoy a wide variety of activities for the whole family.

From mechanical games to commercial, artisan and gastronomic area, going through sporting and cultural events, you will find everything here.

But what really makes Puerto Vallarta’s Fiestas de Mayo unique are the concerts with international artists that will perform on the main stage.

Music is the soul of this festival, and this time it will not be the exception; Get ready to dance to the rhythm of your favorite artists while enjoying the sea breeze, with this year’s complete program.

Artistic program of the Puerto Vallarta May Festival

A complete musical program

The artistic program of the Puerto Vallarta May Festival is as follows:

Friday May 19: Mi Banda El Mexicano by Germán Román

Saturday May 20: presentation of Pancho Barraza

Sunday May 21: Jaripeo 4×4

Monday May 22: Wrestling

Tuesday May 23: Circus Bely and B.

Wednesday May 24: Banda Brava

Thursday May 25: Junior H

Friday May 26: Teo González

Saturday May 27: Musical Cowboys

Sunday May 28: Sonora Santanera, Linares Cadets

Monday May 29: Band R-15

Tuesday May 30: Muay-Thai fights

Wednesday May 31: Surprise artist

Thursday May 1: Banda Movil

Friday May 2: Cohuich Band

Saturday June 3: Julión Álvarez

Sunday June 4: Jaripeo dance

Source: Top Adventure