Interpol, Semar and FGR detain the nephew of Caro Quintero in Jalisco


ZAPOPAN, Jal. – The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) in collaboration with the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) arrested Rodrigo Omar Páez Quintero, nephew of drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero, for extradition purposes.

The FGR detailed that the Federal Ministerial Police and Interpol completed the arrest warrant against Rodrigo Páez Quintero for his probable responsibility for criminal association and against health.

The man was arrested in the Santa Rita neighborhood and is required by a Specialized District Judge in the Accusatory Criminal System of the Federal Criminal Justice Center in Mexico City with residence in the North Reclusorio.

Rodrigo alias “El R”, “Lito” or “Mario” would have reconstructed the legacy of his uncle Rafael Caro, being the head of the Caborca Cartel.

The nephew of the historic capo wanted to regain control of criminal activities in northern Sonora, for which he had a dispute in the area with the sons of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

The Caborca Cartel was founded by Rafael Caro Quintero after his release from the Puente Grande, Jalisco prison in August 2013.

In charge of the cartel was Rodrigo and his chief hitman, José Darío Murrieta Navarro, “El Cara de Cochi,” who heads a group of gunmen known as La Barredora 24/7.

Other relatives of Rodrigo who have allegedly participated to recover the territory are: Juan Pablo Quintero Martínez, “El Pablito”; José Gil Caro Quintero, “Pelo Chino”; and Ramón Quintero Páez, “El Tiko”.

Source: Proseso