Puerto Vallarta Malecón offers tourists free Wi-Fi during Semana Santa


Good news for Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors. The municipal government negotiated a deal with the telecommunications company Izzi to install open and free Internet networks in high-traffic areas, and they are now up and running!

Free Internet is now available in several parts of the city, including a large part of the El Centro neighborhood, from Abasolo street to the municipal palace, which includes the Plaza Principal (main square) and the Los Arcos del Malecón amphitheater. The network access is ‘malecón ayuntamiento’ and no password is needed to access the free WiFi.

This service allows residents to go about their daily work while on the go and gives visitors a free and easy way to connect to the internet so that they can find local activities, consult maps and restaurant menus, scan QR codes for information and promotions, and share their vacation photos and experiences on their social networks – which contributes to the promotion and marketing of the tourist destination.

The second access point is located on the esplanade of the Municipal Administrative Unit (the city’s administrative offices, aka the UMA building), in the Portales neighborhood, where hundreds of people go daily to carry out their business.

The free Internet service will not imply a cost for the municipal government. It is an open network whose installation has had the support of staff from the Asset Maintenance and Administration and Information Technology and Electronic Government departments.

Source: Mural

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