Bus driver gives his sneakers to a homeless person who was asking for help: “You, friend, need them more than I do”


A bus driver went viral for his good actions, as he helped a low-income person who asked for help barefoot, giving him his tennis shoe. The story of the driver who helped a homeless man teaches us that there are still good people in the world, willing to help other people.

It all happened because a girl named Laura Martínez was in Altamira, Tamaulipas, inside the transport and saw what was happening. Seeing the action of the driver that he helped a homeless man in the unit in which she was traveling, she decided to take a photo of him and make it public on her social networks so that the driver would not go unnoticed.

Seeing that the low-income person got into the unit without shoes in order to ask for money, the driver decided to take off his tennis shoes and give them to him.

“Right now I make a phone call for others to be brought to me… you, friend, need them more than I do,” he told him.

The user who uploaded the anecdote accompanied the post with the the text “If you know this driver, bless him… there are no more people like that.”

Source: Vallarta Independiente