Transgender ideology is changing religious paradigms in Guadalajara, Jalisco

Members of the transgender community at a demonstration during Transgender Remembrance Day in Mexico City on Nov. 20.Fernanda Rojas / Future Publishing via Getty Image file

There is concern that clergy is caving to anti-family influences after a new baptismal certificate was issued to a “transgender” drag queen performer and the archdiocesan newspaper published articles apparently promoting feminist ideology, artificial insemination, and the pro-abortion viewpoint.

A male-to-female “transgender” drag queen performer in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico has received a new baptismal certificate affirming his female self-identity, with the approval of an official of the city’s Catholic archdiocese.

The issuance of the baptismal certificate in early February was followed weeks later by two articles affirming “transgender” ideology in the archdiocesan newspaper, which gave the articles the top headline on the front page and featured the face of a man wearing lipstick.

Following an outcry from Catholic priests and laity, the baptismal certificate has been retracted and the articles have been removed from circulation by archdiocesan authorities. But the incidents have caused great consternation among the faithful of Guadalajara regarding the direction of the archdiocese.

In recent years, in addition to its articles promoting transgenderism, the archdiocesan newspaper Semanario has also published articles that appear to promote feminist ideology, artificial insemination, and even the pro-abortion viewpoint. The Cardinal Archbishop of Guadalajara, Francisco Robles Ortega, has publicly endorsed the legal recognition of homosexual unions in recent years, contradicting the Vatican’s 2003 decree on the subject.

The incidents are particularly notable in light of Guadalajara’s historically strong Catholic identity. The archdiocese is historically linked to the Cristero struggle of the 1920s and 1930s, in which Mexican Catholics fought the government to protect the right to Catholic worship and education, and to stop the imposition of perverse sex education programs in local schools. Moreover, Guadalajara is reputed to host the largest number of Catholic seminarians in the western hemisphere.

The controversy has erupted in the context of an increasingly powerful LGBT movement in Mexico that has obtained legislation allowing “transgender” people to change their birth certificates to reflect their declared “gender identity.” Pro-family leaders in Mexico are now being successfully sued for “political violence” for referring to transgender “women” according to their real biological sex.

An image from the cover of the February 19, 2023 edition of Semanario, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Mexico. (Image courtesy of Matthew Hoffman)

Drag queen is “legitimate daughter” of his parents, says the baptismal certificate

The transgender birth certificate, which was published on the recipient’s Facebook page, contains his new legal name, which was changed from “Carlos Alejandro Rea Cano” to “Wendy Nayeli Rea Cano”, and refers to him as a woman.

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