The Magical Town is considered as the “Mexican Switzerland” to enjoy the winter


Come and visit the most striking destinations of this dream place, perfect to visit in the cold season

The Magical Towns of Mexico are unique destinations that stand out for protecting several of their artistic, cultural, gastronomic elements and architectural sites, in addition to having several other tourist spots where you will have a wonderful time, among fantastic settings that seem to come out of the best stories, places where you will spend extraordinary evenings with your loved ones.

In this winter season, there are several wonderful corners that will allow you to contemplate beautiful postcards like views and today we will travel to the destination considered the “Mexican Switzerland”, a beautiful Magical Town that stands out for its natural attractions in which you can test your senses by knowing beautiful spaces where the elements of the earth will surprise you on each tour, the perfect destination for new adventures.

What is the Magical Town called the “Mexican Switzerland”?

Waking up in the middle of beautiful wooded landscapes and in the comfort of a rustic cabin in the heat of a fireplace or going through natural paths to appreciate the majestic Sierra del Tigre are experiences that you can enjoy when you embark on a trip through Mazamitla, a beautiful destination located in the state of Jalisco and which is considered the “Mexican Switzerland”.

Most of the year a very pleasant mountain climate predominates and when you approach this destination it is possible to distinguish the wide forest that surrounds it, among beautiful and large pines and oaks that give a colorful touch to this town located in the southeast of the state , a little less than two hours away from the city of Guadalajara, the ideal place to travel in this winter season.

Another point in favor of this town are the peculiar houses and public buildings in red, wooden doors and roofs, which will envelop you in an atmosphere of tranquility and warmth, a place that will give you special moments with your friends or when planning a GETAWAY with the whole family, since you will be able to do several outdoor activities and take spectacular pictures in these spaces where the mist covers every corner on the coldest days.

What to do in Mazamitla?

In this place you can see several impressive attractions such as the Parish of San Cristóbal, a beautiful construction of eclectic architecture with oriental characteristics, unique in its style. Here you can also visit some of the most important tourist spots in the municipality, such as the Handicraft Market to buy your souvenirs from this trip, Muses Mazatl, Casa de Doña Elodia and several other points of interest that attract the attention of visitors.

The Sierra del Tigre is the main attraction of this Magical Town, a place that is located at an altitude of more than 2,800 meters above sea level, so the weather conditions are characterized by a pleasant mountain environment, perfect for doing some ecotourism activities such as hiking, camping, mountain biking and some others, all of these contemplating a beautiful natural landscape.

Staying in a cabin is the most common when visiting this magic town, and most of them are located in subdivisions in the vicinity of the forest, so the environment becomes perfect for making a warm bonfire, having a delicious coffee or hot chocolate and get out of the daily life that is lived in big cities.

In the Andador Hidalgo there are some shops where you can buy some souvenirs and handicrafts and in the gastronomic corridor you can taste some national and international dishes, as well as snacks prepared by traditional cooks with an exquisite seasoning that will delight your stomach during this sensory tour that leads you through several other unmissable points such as Cerro El Tabardillo and the Villaseñor Dam where you can ride a horse or ATV.

Source: EscapadaH