Green Oceans, the new millionaire scam from Jalisco


To date, there are 126 victims, 24 investigation and the total amount of the scam is close to 153,937,954.40 pesos.

A case like the scam of Professional Legal Advisers, would have been committed by the financial company Green Oceans Inc. in Guadalajara, which had been operating since 2019 as a pyramidal model in which they offered returns of up to 25 percent per month and promised to return your investment with interest in six months.

Despite their young age, Diego Alejandro “A” and his partner Mario Iván “C”, aged 26 and 24 respectively, managed to deceive nearly a thousand people, since everything seemed legal by being sponsors of a basketball team in 2019 in Jalisco, and in September 2021 for the Jalisco Tennis Association (ATJ); in addition to being a word-of-mouth recommendation system, which generated the growing snowball.

The irregularities began at the end of 2021, when they stopped paying their investors, they told them that they had invested everything in gold and lost it, they simply stopped showing their faces and answering calls. In their last meeting they mentioned some lots with which they were going to be paid, by a well-known real estate company that is the one with they advertised, which turned out to be false.

Its offices were initially located in Rubén Darío, above Cocinas Renso S.A de C.V., a family business; later they moved to Boulevard Puerta de Hierro 5200 and the last one was at Avenida Américas 1930 in Torre C&C, from where they disappeared.

It was not until August 25, 2022, when a group of 15 victims appeared in the local Congress to request help, after uncovering the AJP case.

On December 20, when the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office announced the arrest of Diego Alejandro “A”, in a La Minerva gym, for his alleged involvement in fraud against an investor for 452,000 pesos.

Having been arrested for a single complaint, dozens of those affected have appeared before the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office since December 22 to present their cases.

“We have WhatsApp groups of up to 300 people. But there are amounts, basically from the 10,000 pesos invested up to a million, a million and a half, there are people who even invested more.  We could see when, they evidently laundered money, arrived with black plastic bags, full of cash” affirmed a victim. They are also looking for a sentence to be handed down and justice done.

Until December 27, a control judge initiated the criminal process against the alleged perpetrator by providing sufficient evidence, dictating four months of preventive detention as a precautionary measure.

However, the investigations continue, since as of December 28, 2022 there are 126 victims, 24 investigation case folders and the total amount of the scam is 153,937,954.40 pesos.

Now, agents of the Public Ministry continue with the investigations to determine if Diego Alejandro “A” participated in other events, as well as a possible investigation of the other person indicated for his alleged collaboration.

Source: Milenio