A Viva Aerobus aircraft engine catches fire in mid-flight from Guadalajara to LAX (VIDEO)


A flight from Mexico to Los Angeles (LAX) almost turned deadly when one of the plane’s engines caught fire minutes after takeoff.

The Viva Aerobus flight departed Guadalajara when an engine burst into flames. Passengers on the flight reported hearing an explosion 10 minutes into the flight, The Independent reported.

Fox Business has reached out to the airline.

Some passengers were reportedly screaming and others crying.

Footage of the fire shows an engine in flames as the aircraft is thousands of feet in the air. The airline told the news outlet it was investigating the incident.

It said the fire was caused by the “friction of metals” in the engine. The plane was turned around and landed safely in Guadalajara.

The passengers were put up in hotel rooms and their trips were rescheduled.

Source: Milenio

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