Mexico Private schools: this is what they cannot force you to pay


According to Profeco, private schools cannot force you to buy school supplies or uniforms, with the same school or only with certain suppliers.

There are still a few weeks to go before the 2022-2023 school year begins according to the official calendar of the Ministry of Public Education, and if you are a parent, you may have already made the decision to enroll your children in a private school.

If so, you should take into account that according to the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco), when education is a service provided by these private schools, these institutions must comply with various obligations.

So here we tell you everything you need to know about private schools:

Obligations of private schools

Whether your children go to a private preschool, primary or secondary school, all of these schools are required to:

* Inform about their incorporation to the SEP and it is that if they do not have it, the studies will not have official validity.

* Private schools are required to report in writing the total costs of at least the following concepts: registration, re-registration, tuition, incorporation fees, extraordinary exams, regularization courses, duplicate certificates, certificates, credentials, and transportation.

Publicize the payment schedule and discounts for early payment and surcharges for late payment.

* Deliver the school regulations, as well as information to contact the campus directors and office hours.

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* Take into account that all fees must be expressed in national currency.

During the school year, tuition fees should not increase unilaterally, although if an increase is required for a justified cause of force majeure, it must be approved by mutual agreement between the school and the Parents Association or the majority of the users.

Remember that as a parent you are not obligated to:

Pay fees or extraordinary contributions. Therefore, in case of requesting donations, these will have the character of volunteers.

* They also cannot require you to buy school supplies, uniforms, books, and other items or services from the same school or only from certain vendors.

* If your children’s school hosts civic, social or recreational events, and you are notified of the payment of a fee for it, remember that this must be voluntary, without detriment to the student’s grades.

* Private schools should also not require new books, school supplies, and uniforms.

* They may only require that the books correspond to updated editions and that the supplies and uniforms are in good condition.

* In those cases in which the acquisition of said articles or services with certain suppliers is essential, their prices must not be higher than those available to the consumer in general commerce.

What happens if you stop paying tuition?

* If for any reason you stop paying three or more tuition , the relationship with the student can be terminated, they must notify at least 15 days in advance.

* When terminating the relationship with the student, they cannot retain official documentation, they must deliver it within a maximum of 15 days after requesting it, at no cost.

* Take into account that any practice consisting of exhibiting through lists, appointments or another way, to those students whose parents or guardians or themselves, do not comply with the requested ordinary or extraordinary contributions, is a violation of the Law and can be sanctioned. .

How to report a school to Profeco?

If you believe that the private school in which you have your children enrolled is incurring in some fault, take into account that it is up to Profeco to monitor compliance with the agreement and contracts within the scope of its competence.

So if you have doubts, you can present your complaint via email, attaching the contract to be consulted, the doubt and the data of the supplier and your data at: [email protected] or CONTRACTSDEADHESION@PROFECO., and if irregularities are found, Profeco will intervene to safeguard your rights.

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