If you lost a gold-plated gun at Liverpool, please go claim it with the Police


The pistol, a special 9mm caliber .380 Llama, has what appears to be a centenary embedded in it and, apparently, someone left it forgotten in Guadalajara in the dressing room of a department store during the Buen Fin.

Elements of the Guadalajara Municipal Police reported an unusual finding on Monday that caused a whole mobilization. Employees of the Liverpool store located in the Plaza Forum shopping center reported that they found a weapon that someone left in one of their changing rooms.

The pistol, a 9mm caliber .380 Llama, according to a corporation’s information sheet, is black with gold “with what appears to be gold plate,” it has what appears to be a centennial inlaid. Its origin is Spanish. 

“It is an abandoned weapon that was found in that place, the same one with six useful cartridges,” said in a video provided to SinEmbargo, one of the officers who participated in the operation.

The flame 380 is considered a classic of the Spanish armory, according to the specialized site armas.es it is difficult to identify its specific launch date, although most of the models that are preserved today point to the 1940s, that is, a after the Spanish Civil War ended. However, you can also find some copies prior to this date, on whose slide you can read the inscription ‘Gabilondo y Cía – Elgoibar’, the original town of the firm.

Details of the pistol that was found in the fitting rooms of a Liverpool in Guadalajara. 
Photo: Guadalajara Police.

A quick search on internet sites for the sale of weapons was possible to investigate that the weapon alone has a price between 8 thousand 500 and 10 thousand pesos, while accessories, such as handles can reach a price of one thousand pesos per pair if they are only gold metal, not gold. Those of gold plate are around 1,800 to almost 5,000 pesos.

While at noon today the centenary had a value of 34,500 pesos, although there are also replicas that can be obtained on e-bay for 400 pesos.

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