Jalisco economic benefits exceed expectations due to the tourist influx


Achieved in the entity for 9,181 million 528 thousand 183 pesos

Jalisco registered 9,181 million pesos in economic income during the summer holidays of this year, of which the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara obtained 5,813 million pesos and an influx of 1 million 533 thousand 541 tourists

Puerto Vallarta registered a hotel occupancy of 62.80% on average.

Regarding the Magical Towns, the hotel occupancy during summer was: Pet 57.75%; San Sebastián del Oeste with 40.68%; Tequila with 29%; Mazamitla with 74.7%, and Tapalpa with 48.71%. These last two mountain destinations were the ones that registered important increases compared to 2020: it rose by 49.70%, and 33.71%, respectively.

According to the weekly reports of the municipal tourism directorates, the Market Intelligence and Statistics Coordination of the Secturjal estimates that, of the occupancy percentages in the Magical Towns, San Sebastián del Oeste is the destination that presents a recovery at levels of 2019 (40.68%), although it continues in the process of improvement, and Mazamitla is in around 75% of the pre-pandemic percentages.

The economic benefit achieved in the entity for 9,181 million 528 thousand 183 pesos in tourism, represents an increase of 5,563 million 842 thousand 568 pesos, which represents 153.80% more compared to the same period of 2020, affected by the Covid pandemic- 19, reported the General Directorate of Planning and Development of Tourism Products, of the Ministry of Tourism of Jalisco (Secturjal).

Hotel occupancy throughout the state in summer reached an average of 49.64%, that is, 30.34 percentage points higher than that registered in the same period of 2020, in which occupancy was 19.30%, according to the DataTur platform.

The influx of tourists, who stayed in hotels in Jalisco, who stayed overnight in private homes, or who visited the state as hikers, was 2 million 731 thousand 529 people. This data means that the influx increased 1 million 708 thousand 387 more people, that is, it rose 166.97%, in the same period from 2020 to 2021.

Due to the pandemic, the hotels maintained a capacity of no more than 80 percent, in accordance with the protocols authorized by the state Board of Health.

This report corresponds to data obtained from July 10 to August 29, 2021, in the five main tourist destinations in Jalisco: Puerto Vallarta, the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, Costalegre, San Juan de los Lagos and the Ribera de Chapala.

Source: eloccidental.com.mx

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