80 simultaneous marriages carried out in Guadalajara

Photo: Quadratin

In a ceremony at the International Friendship Center and as part of the Collective Marriage campaign, the civil wedding of 80 couples was held, representing the 800 who have already achieved legal certainty about their families.

The interim municipal president of Guadalajara, Eduardo Fabián Martínez Lomelí stressed that since they are marriages that are now legally constituted, these couples now enjoy legal certainty, and made a call to integrate families with love, respect, and equality.

“With the union of 80 couples to seal their love in commitment, on behalf of the more than 800 unions that were celebrated through this program in previous days, respect, support and empathy will be tools that every day enrich their married life and that they contribute so that love grows and is consolidated day after day,” said the mayor.

The 800 couples who are now beginning their life as a legally constituted marriage were able to carry out their procedure for free, saving about two thousand pesos that this process before the Civil Registry.

Symbolically, the municipality of Guadalajara gave their certificates to 10 of the 80 couples, among them, the one made up of Jessica Jazmín Gaytán Díaz and Alejandra Berenice Delgadillo Palafox, a proud couple of two women who are now married.

Source: Quadratin

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