Puerto Vallarta surpasses tourist expectations this Easter (Semana Santa) holidays


During a tour of the Bay with Civil Protection and Firefighters from Puerto Vallarta, it was observed that the influx of visitors to the beaches was 80% of the 66% expected.

In addition, some of the beaches in the city have yellow flags, this due to the swell given the winds that were forecast and it is only so that people are attentive to the indications.

During the tour, the presence of personnel from the Municipal Police, firefighters, lifeguards from both the municipality and the State Civil Protection Unit, Marine among others who prevent accidents from being registered, was seen.

According to the director of Civil Protection and Firefighters of the Municipality Adrián Bobadilla García, so far no major incidents have been registered and he hopes that this operation will continue like this.

He also recommended people who go to the beaches to respect the recommendations and especially the schedule that is at 5 in the afternoon.

This Good Friday, the beaches of Puerto Vallarta registered a large influx of visitors, especially at Los Muertos beach, where tourists and locals took advantage of the weather to bathe, although the waves were strong so there was a yellow flag .

Puerto Vallarta has been one of the most visited destinations in this holiday period, so this Thursday and Good Friday it was possible to observe thousands of tourists enjoying the city’s beaches, which, according to Seapal Vallarta are suitable for use. recreational.

The Los Muertos Beach has been the most visited; Bathers arrived early in the morning to gain parking and space on the beach, so you could see hundreds of umbrellas, tables, chairs and people bathing.

There was a strong presence of elements of the Municipal Police , National Guard, Regulations, Civil Protection and Firefighters. What is unfortunate is that many tourist service providers that offer a tour did not bring face masks, as did some tourists . 

Likewise, along the tourist strip there are tourism personnel asking for a favor to be placed in different public spaces.

The beach Palmares also had influx of people; the beach was clean and the restaurants provided service in compliance with sanitation protocols. Along Mismaloya you could see rows and rows of parked cars .

It is worth mentioning that on each beach there are canvases where the recommendations for the beaches are marked , and they are: respect the access and stay hours on the beaches, which are from five in the morning to five in the afternoon; Wear a mask when entering and leaving the beach and you can only remove it once it is located in your space.

Keep at least 5 meters of distance between one group and another. And it is forbidden to stay on the beach after hours, camp or make bonfires. 

Regarding hotel occupations, this Thursday and Good Friday , the Puerto Vallarta Hotel and Motel Association projected above 60% while for this Saturday and Sunday it is expected to reach the top that is 66%.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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