The Wonderful Magic of Zozocolco de Hidalgo, Veracruz


According to the site visit. Mexico, the sky of the colonial parish of San Miguel Arcángel, is delimited with small colored lamps, with paper balloons propelled by flames. You will hear the Totonac language as you walk through its green square, while your body comes to life in the crystalline Pozas del Diablo.

From the Mirador del Curato you will have the perfect view of this town hidden in the bowels of the Sierra Totonacapan. The houses with their red tile roofs and carved flagstone buildings will also delight you.

1.- Cultural walk through the historic center

The wonderful Magic Town of Zozocolco de Hidalgo is a cozy place with authentic buildings from the region, adorned with cobbled paths that you have to walk through while enjoying some street shopping for handicrafts with local merchants.


Tour the city center. Go up to the small and well-preserved church dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel. Admire the distinct personalities of its two towers, one that calls mass with a bell that piously tolls, and another that marks the time with its century-old clock that adjusts to today’s time. Stop at one of its rustic inns and enjoy a delicious plate of mole with rice or some delicious barbecue taquitos with fresh vegetables and freshly made molcajete sauce. Accompany your lunch with fruit water to refresh yourself. Let the delicious aromas reminiscent of Mexican homes of yesteryear accompany you throughout the day.


Visit the stalls of indigenous masks, baskets, fruit bowls, and pita embroidery. Get to know the plumes with feathers as bright as the sun that is made for the mestizo festivals that bring joy to the people. Stroll through the wooden furniture workshops and live with the craftsmen who carve carefully, putting a piece of their heart into each of their pieces.

2.- Adventures in the waterfalls of Zozocolco

Come and cool off in the endless streams, waterfalls, and spas of Zozocolco de Hidalgo, one of the main attractions where you can get out of the routine of daily life.


Dare to approach the mysterious Devil’s Waterfall; a deep body of water that is respected by the locals who prefer not to enter it. Legend has it that the pool that receives the water was created by the devil himself after he appeared to an indigenous Totonac to seduce him into being part of his host. Feel the cool of the water and the warmth of the landscape to convince yourself that you are the owner of your soul and your body. Hike the green trails that connect the multiple waterfalls in the region. It reaches the small pools of La Junta and El Callejón.


Keep dodging the roots and trunks of the trees that guard the forest to reach El Caliche. Admire the impressive rock formation where time and falling water have been responsible for building the natural passageways that penetrate it. Look at the gigantic rock that joins the two hills that seem to trap it. Feel the running of the waters that refresh your steps and walk in front of the elegant natural arch adorned by bright and clear emerald waters that have been jealously cared for by the people who live in the region.

3.- Fly with the balloons of Zozocolco de Hidalgo

In November, beautiful balloons made of china paper adorn the sky of Zozocolco during its Balloon Festival, a contest that has become a tradition of the town.


Observe the variety of balloons that go from small figures that rise just a few meters, to immense giants that touch the splendid Veracruz sky during the event. Let the bold colors of the artists’ daring creations, and their fun or enigmatic shapes, spark your imagination and let your thoughts soar.


Participate in the workshops where the balloon masters, who have kept the tradition alive for years, provide you with material and teach you the best techniques to create your balloon and make it take off to soar through the skies and take your wishes beyond the clouds. Be part of the transformation of the sky and give it a splash of cheerful colors. Come raise a piece made by your own hands and enjoy your creation while you are part of the history of the picturesque town of Zozocolco. Enjoy the festive atmosphere that continues into the evening.

4.- Presence the visit of the dead in Zozocolco

One of the most splendid traditions in Mexico is its celebration of the Day of the Dead, a celebration that in Zozocolco is carried out in an unequaled way, with flowers, candles, and precious offerings for those who have anticipated us in the afterlife.


Participate in the local skull contest and show your writing skills. Visit the exhibition where the small verses and prose shows the mental agility and grace of Mexicans who quietly mock death while respecting it by paying homage to it with altars that they share for several days on the occasion of the holiday of the season.


Discover the Huasteca influence in the huapangueadas contests. Listen to the joyous songs that are performed by nimble hands and light feet that practice day and night to achieve a perfect performance. Sit and admire the beautiful costumes used by the dancers, who with shouts and songs encourage you to clap and whistle frantically.


Veracruz Daily Post