Puerto Vallarta will fine InDriver drivers 35,000 pesos


The Secretary of Transportation of Jalisco, Diego Monraz Villaseñor, reported that the digital platform ” InDriver ” is operating illegally in Puerto Vallarta, so they are pirate units since they do not meet the requirements, that is why he asked the citizens to no longer request their services for security reasons.

In addition, there will be very strong operations in the coming days to identify the pirate units, with fines of up to 35 thousand pesos and the withdrawal of the vehicle. 

Diego Monraz Villasenor,

“If there is an offense above these units, we will not know who they are since they do not have liability insurance in the event of an accident, we are not certain that they will respond in that case and we have looked for them; some trucks and cars that we have found out there have been sanctioned. We have agreed with the municipality to carry out stronger operations to be able to identify them and punish them with a 35 thousand pesos fine and the vehicle will not be returned if they do not pay the infraction ”. 

He mentioned that there has already been an approach with this company to be regulated but there has been no favorable response, so the only one that can operate in the city is UBER. In this sense, he invited InDriver drivers to work on legality since irregularity and piracy will cost them an economic sanction. 

However, many drivers work on the platform because UBER takes away, according to their own testimonies, a high percentage of commission, so they prefer the other platform, where the client offers a certain amount of money; for the requested trip and the driver can accept or not, even negotiate the rate.

So this represents more travel and a little more money for them. In this sense, Tribuna de la Bahía questioned the UBER consultant, Alán León about this situation, to which he mentioned the following:

“Drivers who make trips outside of our platform are exposed since our terms and conditions do not cover them in terms of the insurance. We are conducting a constant communication campaign in which we inform them of this in order to avoid trips outside the platform ”. 

It is worth mentioning that a few months ago, UBER drivers demonstrated on the issue of commissions, they even spent a few hours without providing services, but they also claimed that there were many problems with the other application that was not in order.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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