Rosarito Baja California beaches closed until further notice due to sewage spill


Authorities mentioned that the closure could be extended for at least 15 days

The government of Playas de Rosarito reported this Monday morning about the closure of its beaches derived from an electrical failure that caused a spill of untreated water at the El Babe beach.

For her part, the mayor of this municipality, Araceli Brown, mentioned during a live broadcast that right now you can no longer enter these beaches until further notice due to the amount of pollution that this generated, which just by walking through them they can get infections.

Se abren de nuevo las playas en Rosarito

“The decision was made to close the beach until further notice, there is a sewage spill due to a power failure in the Agua Negras Treatment Plant, therefore the beach is very contaminated right now,” he said.

As a precautionary measure, the authorities mentioned that they will close their beaches to the general public, a closure that could be extended for an approximate period of two weeks so that leisure or sports activities will not be possible.

Brown said that right now you can not walk, run, much less swim or surf, and invited the population to take care of themselves.

According to the mayor, this happened due to the wear and tear of the equipment at the Black Water Treatment Plant, which is already old and does not have a power plant.


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