Guadalajara-Lake Chapala train fact or fiction?


The possible train Guadalajara-La Capilla-Chapala-Jocotepec-Tlajomulco-Guadalajara: idea of ​​the engineer Carlos Manuel Ochoa Aguilar

It is an old dream. But someone had to have made it happen: engineer Carlos Manuel Ochoa Aguilar, carrying his 94 years on his back, has already done it. It is about continuing with the very noble creation of Christian Shejtnan (Mario’s grandfather) and Guillermo de Alba (Andrés and Martín Casillas’ grandfather.) And it was done in 1920, showing the region and the whole country that you can have dreams and well to fulfill them: go on a beautiful train from Guadalajara to the Chapalteca Riviera. And in what way: the Chapala Station is one of the four or five best Porfirian buildings in the entire country.

Twenty or fifteen years ago, Adopt a Work of Art, AC, also undertook to restore the Station, until then, and since 1980, left to its own devices. There were two heroes: Gabriel Casillas Moreno and Patricia Urzúa, who managed the entire process. The restoration was in charge of the architects Pablo Vázquez Piombo and Juan Palomar. It is not for anything special, but the Station and its gardens were very beautiful. Ora just needs to buy the land together to make the best gardens in the Chapala lagoon, in the style of the wonderful gardens that were in Montecarlo, now owned by the lawyer.

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Overall, many people, for a long time, proposed the entire circuit, including Juan Palomar and Arias: from Guadalajara to La Capilla by the existing road; from the Chapel to Chapala by the still existing right of way. From Chapala to Jocotepec by a ledge dug into the hills, with one of the four or five best views of Mexico; from Jocotepec to Tlajomulco by a new road parallel to the current highway. And from Tlajomulco to the Guadalajara Central Railway Station by existing track. End of the circuit. Duration of two hours.

The above costs less than a thousandth than the imbecile shithead / AMLO train through Yucatan, and it would really be useful for tourism, culture, work, and residence. The Chapala-Jocotepec road is the most laborious and it is nothing to write home about: a ledge through the hills ridding the current tallest buildings: and from there no one, ever, builds anything. Great work in favor of the now so abused ecology of the Sierra del Travesaño.

Carlos Manuel Ochoa Aguilar is a civil engineer from the same lineage as his mentor and relative, Miguel Aldana Mijares. It has one of the two or three most beautiful modern houses in Guadalajara, with a prodigious garden. Every Thursday, some of us fortunate enough for their friendship and hospitality eat there. The group is called simply Miki Aldana and daily we toast to his health.

A slight ailment now afflicts the engineer. It is already happening because he and we all plan that we live a minimum of twenty-five years. And that he inaugurates, if Messrs. Enrique Alfaro and Hugo Luna get involved and are able to imagine the wonder that will give them many votes towards the big one. So in about ten years or more, in five, the Miki Aldana band will come and go every Thursday on the Chapala Express. To get on and charge the batteries, to pay tribute to the engineer Carlos Manuel Ochoa Aguilar. Señorón tapatío if there are any …

Lago de Chapala y Ajijic

Train to Lake Chapala

The project includes transfers every 9 seconds in both directions, transporting four wagons with 32 people each

The president of the Chapala Corridor Business Association, Raymundo Romo, expressed the desire to have an alternative of electric, elevated, sustainable and safe transportation to serve as support for the transfer of personnel that can sometimes take many hours to arrive.

“At this moment we generate more than 45 thousand direct jobs and 18 thousand indirect ones, we would be interested in the proposal is made known and can be valued, that the Government give us the opportunity to try to run it through the central median of the road since it is wide, it is more than 18 kilometers long and an average width of six meters and there, air mobility would be viable, “said Romo.

On the other hand, they also consider the population growth that has been expanding to these areas in recent years and will continue to expand in the not too distant future.

“What about all our staff who wake up from five in the morning to arrive at work at eight, nine, we ourselves are late at the offices, I think it is an important issue and we would like this to be reached to achieve ”, dictated Raymundo.

In addition, the president informed that he would seek to connect this service with the pre-payment system by the State Government with competent prices for users.

According to the Association, for this project, it is possible to build half a kilometer per week as the structure will be made of steel and not concrete like the Macrobus or the ZMG Electric Train.

Alexander Kilmer, of German origin, communicated that this project would be carried out with 100 percent Jalisco and sustainable technology.


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