Face mask now mandatory in Quintana Roo


The mandatory use of face masks in Quintana Roo was announced by Governor Carlos Joaquín to prevent the curve of COVID-19 infections from rising since there has been an increase in the risk of infections that requires a series of protection actions.

He insisted that the use of this medical supply should be mandatory, both outside and inside the home. If infections rise there is a risk of losing what progress has been made in the recovery, “we cannot lose a step,” said the governor.

Dr. Carlos Castillo Salgado, director of the Public Health Observatory John Hopkins Global, spoke about the importance of the use of a face mask in the emergency for the containment of COVID-19, the benefits, and its relevance in preventing the spread of infections.

He also explained that the use of a face mask or mask represents the protection of up to 60% to avoid contagion by a coronavirus, so it is a protection tool that people have. Not using it can cause high infections, he warned.

Colonies with more infections

The governor released the ranking of neighborhoods with the most positive cases this week, seven of which are still from Chetumal:

Adolfo López Mateos
Sub Teniente López Centro
Las Americas III
Payo Obispo
Benito Juarez
Gran Santa Fe II
Prado Norte    Solidaridad
Ejidal de Playa del Carmen

In these places, the first 10,000 rapid tests available throughout the state will be applied, which allows for more information about the risks of contagion.

Other recommendations to avoid contagion

To mitigate the risks of contagion this holiday season – in addition to the use of face masks – the governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín, reiterated his exhortation to be very careful, that family reunions are with people who live at home and preferably with the fresh air.

There are telephones to report that in certain meetings the provisions are not being followed. Starting today there will be fines or penalties established in the decree.

Currently, Quintana Roo registers 15 thousand 82 positive cases of coronavirus and one thousand 981 deaths

Source: unotv.com, milenio.com

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