What to do in the magical town of Calvillo, Aguascalientes


The charm of its people, its legendary establishments, and its historical past give this town a unique charm. Discover what to do in the magical town of Calvillo, Aguascalientes.

Although it is a small destination, its diversity of attractions make it an interesting option to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, while its gastronomy immerses visitors in the authentic flavors of Aguascalientes.

What to do in the magical town of Calvillo / Main square

Guarded by the most emblematic buildings of Calvillo, the main square is the ideal place to start a tour of this magical town and the best place to learn more about its history.

There, in the middle of the square, the neoclassical kiosk that adorns the space seems to invite you to discover its surroundings.

The first stop is the Parroquia del Señor del Salitre, which in addition to stealing sighs with its neo-Gothic architecture, leaves you speechless with its imposing octagonal dome with eight extraordinary stained glass windows. In fact, its dome is considered the second largest in Latin America.

Another of the buildings that protect the square is the Government Palace, which narrates the history of Calvillo in its two murals.

The artisan’s house is also worth a visit. There, it is possible to buy their traditional yarns, typical sweets, and crafts.

What to do in the magical town of Calvillo / Andador Matamoros

What to do in the magical town of Calvillo

Known as Las Graditas Street, the Andador Matamoros is the most colorful corner of Calvillo.

And it is that the 22 facades of their houses are painted in various yellow, orange, and green tones, coloring the landscape and motivating travelers to take photos.

Along the walkway, uphill, there are some squares and benches that invite you to relax.

In addition, it has several balconies, ideal for admiring the panoramic view of the town. Many say that it is the best view of Calvillo, but to verify this statement you will have to climb its steps.

What to do in the magical town of Calvillo / Mercado Manuel Gómez Morín

Here, its people say that its gastronomy should be the inspiration of great chefs. And how to doubt it, if in addition to being the land of guava, Calvillo is famous for its cheeses and bread.

In fact, one of the obligatory stops is Don Emiliano’s bakery, which is credited with the invention of the popular cinnamon bread called chamuco.

Birria lovers will find in the market several options to taste this typical dish, in addition to savoring a taco de lechón or carnitas.

Chamomile water, which they say is good for “cleaning the kidney”, is also a must, as are their typical sweets such as La greñuda, made from coconut or Chilacayota, a kind of pumpkin.

What to do in the magical town of Calvillo / Frutland

What to do in the magical town of Calvillo

15 minutes from the center of Calvillo, is this factory of sweets, cookies, and even guava liquor, which beyond making and selling its products, takes travelers into the delicate process of its preparation.

Calvillo is considered the world capital of guava, because the best fruit is harvested there, both for its flavor, color, and size.

In Frutland it is possible to visit its guava plantations and visit the factory to learn about the production process.

Those who like this fruit also have the possibility of taking home guava sweets and cookies.

What to do in the magical town of Calvillo / Quesería Frayle

It seems strange that a cheese factory is included among the attractions of Calvillo, but how not to include it, if this legendary establishment invites visitors to discover the delicate process of this dairy.

María Nieves, the owner of the place, likes to share some of the secrets of cheese making and while she tells travelers how she does it, she makes her star dairy in front of them.

At the end of the tour, a small tasting of their four products awaits them.

Source: travelreport.mx

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