Puerto Vallarta shuts down 5 businesses for covid violations


PUERTO VALLARTA, Jalisco. During the first weekend in which the Emergency Button was applied in Puerto Vallarta, at least 5 establishments were closed for failing to comply with the regulations.

José Juan Velázquez Hernández, head of the Directorate of Inspection and Regulations of the municipal government, explained that it is a taqueria, a bar, two restaurants, and a beer dispensary that did not comply with the provisions of the button.

In the case of the taqueria, it was closed for continuing to sell in the place after hours, since after 20:00 hours it is no longer allowed to sell “not even to take away”, only to home delivery, “because what is sought is that people do not leave their homes, ”said Velázquez Hernández.

Another of the closings was a bar that remained open around 11:00 p.m., with people inside without the necessary distancing measures. Likewise, two restaurants were closed, as well as a beer warehouse that I continue to sell after hours.

And despite these 5 closures, the municipal official considered that there is “a good balance and response” by the commercial sector of the city since, in areas such as the tourist area of ​​the city, the measures were respected -he said- emergency button.

In such a way that Velázquez Hernández made the call to comply with the measures since what is sought is to reach the high season with a 100% economic activation and with the least number of infections.

On the inspections by the Regulations staff in the vast majority of the supervised businesses, these closed from the first day – last Friday – at 8:30 p.m., and if there were some open as restaurants, the service had already been suspended and only lacking for vacating the premises some clients.

Also the supermarkets and department stores were closed during the restriction schedule since last Friday and that they should do so until November 13, the official said.

Velázquez Hernández, explained that the Inspection and Regulations staff is doing these surveillance tours in two courts. One after 3:00 p.m. on the beaches and the second from 8:30 p.m. in different parts of the municipality.

He made reference that in the beach area there are around 1,400 street vendors registered and on this first weekend of the Emergency Button is a union that stops marketing their products from three in the afternoon, they withdraw without further complication. the beaches.

Similarly, restaurants on the beach also remove tables, chairs, umbrellas and lounge chairs from the beach.

Faced with which he reiterated that in this municipality the restrictions imposed by the activation of the Emergency Button are being respected, he concluded.

It should be noted that Puerto Vallarta is among the six municipalities with the highest number of accumulated and active infections in the entity, where the positivity of contagion ranges between 50 percent.

Source: jalisco.quadratin.com.mx, contralinea.net

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