Agua de Vid in Valle de Guadalupe fined for failing to comply with sanitary protocols


Agua de Vid was sanctioned for exceeding permitted capacity

Yesterday afternoon, the Ensenada City Council announced through its official website that during the verification tours, head-butted by Civil Protection on Halloween, an establishment in Valle de Guadalupe received a fine.

Multan establecimiento en el Valle de Guadalupe por exceder capacidad

This is due to the fact that, despite the indications established for Halloween, the establishment exceeded the allowed capacity: the place, whose permit is 100 people, had about 300 visitors. 

From the statement, they clarify that in reality, two fines will be imposed.

The first corresponds to Civil Protection and would be approximately 78 thousand pesos and the second, corresponding to the Department of Commerce, Alcohol and Public Shows, was established at 43 thousand 440 pesos.

According to José Ángel León Zumarán, head of the Department of Commerce, Alcohol and Public Spectacles, this type of situation cannot be allowed where sanitary measures are not respected and the authorized capacity is exceeded.

They added that there are phone numbers and even a WhatsApp line to report these cases. They recommend that the messages contain general information, photos or short videos. This is the number for any report in Ensenada: WhatsApp 646 287 14 14.

We recall that Baja California is in danger of returning to confinement (as it happened in March). This is due to the increase in coronavirus infections and, in addition, many speculate that due to the events of Halloween, infections will increase in the coming days.


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