La Lulú Raicillería, a perfect option on your visit to Puerto Vallarta


The traditional Mexican drink has a special place to be tasted in Puerto Vallarta

Today the adventure takes us to the coast that has given us so many pleasures. We arrived in Puerto Vallarta, not for its marine pleasures, but for the delicacies that it has always put on the table. 

We arrived at a corner of the Jalisco geography whose gastronomic scene is immense. For many, its nerve center is its boardwalk, full of aromas, inns, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. However, there is a special prize for those who decide to escape the common paths and go to explore new paths. 

Far from the tourist hubbub and closer to unique experiences. There is a prize for eager palates that come to the threshold of La Lulú, Raicillería (Calle España 305, C. Versalles ) Puerto Vallarta

The first thing that stands out here – after the warm reception of the staff – is the overflowing color of the place. The walls have multiple details for you to get lost in them (from crafts, going through mirrors, and finishing in elaborate bottles). 

A wide bar invites you to explore the place and after a few steps, between beautiful music and the tapping of glasses, you will find the tables and the central patio, which helps to refresh the interior of the venue. La Lulú is known by her first and last name: “ Raicillería ”. The raicilla removed the label of “distillate in fashion” to claim a place alongside other traditional Mexican beverages. It is strong but does not burn. As velvety on the palate as it is enjoyable. 

Sweet relative of tequila and perfect for warming up the body. Alone or with juice, coffee, or even soda. This is how raicilla is, a product of the soil of Jalisco and the ingenuity of its farmers, it is one of those drinks that awakens smiles and accompanies long talks.

Within the multitude of drinks that our State offers to the world, one of the most peculiar for its flavor and the ingenuity with which it is created is raicilla, whose preparation formula is similar to tequila, but has various elements that make it only. And in Lulu, they know it. They offer several labels (recommended “Arre Corazón” and “Rancho 14”). You can order it “straight” or in a cocktail (creations by mixologist Sergio Valdivia) with the fruits of the region, which burn its flavor in a sensual and delicious way. When giving the drink, it does not burn, it caresses. In moderation, do not get drunk, rejoice.

To eat

Although the protagonist is the raicilla, in La Lulú there is also a food menu, and it is delicious. It is important to clarify that it is a dynamic, alive, and changing menu. What I found on my visit is an ode to the flavors of the port.

Recommendations? The chicken and panela cheese flautas are crunchy and delicious, as a good flute should be, accompanied by cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, and garlic mushrooms.

A personal taste is the Kobe tacos, with American Kobe “vacuum” in tortilla, with onion, herb mix, green sauce, martajada sauce, and chimichurri. A whole poem of flavors. 

There are more options on the table. From panela to a plate of cheeses. La Lulú Raicillería is one of those lucky discoveries that reward hunger, curiosity, and above all, the desire to toast.

The basics

If you are in Puerto Vallarta it is always advisable to book; To do so, call the phone: 322 372 4299. 

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