Playas de Tijuana faces sewage spill and increase of Covid-19


The spill of sewage and increase in Covid-19 will keep Playas de Tijuana under surveillance

f you had planned to visit Playas de Tijuana this weekend, maybe this news will make you think twice, the above because the Tijuana City Council has communicated from its official website that security elements will be added to the area.

And this why? Because on Tuesday they announced a spill of sewage that occurred in the Mexico Park ramp . This means that the area is highly guarded since there is still surveillance that aims to monitor that the population complies with sanitary protocols.

For now, if you want to visit the area, you will find retaining walls at the entrances located from El Faro to Avenida Del Agua. In fact, the only access you can find is Los Arcos on Calle De la Nieve, according to the City Council. They will also be monitoring health protocols in detail due to the increase in Covid-19 in our region.

Another detail is that vehicular circulation will be closed, the streets Berlin, Lisbon and Cyclone will not be able to travel and there will be 4 patrol units, one on the coast, a unit of traffic inspectors and five of motorcycles. Besides this. they will give information on how risky it can be to touch the water or step on the sand .

And what do you say? Despite the above, will you still visit Playas de Tijuana? Leave us your comments.


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