Guadalajara Mexico’s West Pearl


“Guadalajara on a flat, Mexico in a lagoon,” says a popular song from the Mexican singer Jorge Negrete. That is because this rocky city, located in the center of Mexico in the State of Jalisco, was part of the Mesa del Central, a high plateau from the Sierra Madre Occidental that crosses the States of Jalisco, Durango, and Zacatecas.

This city which name means “Stone Valley” is picturesque wherever you see it. The streets reflect a Mexico full of mariachi, tequila and traditions. Its downtown hosts beautiful temples, monuments and plazas where you can comfortably go for a walk.

The Perla de Occidente (West Pearl) possess exceptional beauty. Just visit Plaza de Armas and you will see. This space has a beautiful kiosk representing the four seasons of the year and its architecture will remind you of the Art Noveau style. If you are lucky, you will find the traditional mariachi playing Mexican music there.

The City Hall is a Colonial style building built with quarry and which opened in 1952. When entering this place, you will be able to admire a mural painted by Gabriel Flores that represents the establishment of Guadalajara.

Another emblematic place you should visit is the Degollado Theater, a sumptuous Neoclassical-style forum where concerts, performing arts and exhibitions takes place. This building dates from the nineteenth century and it echoes the Italian theaters as it has a marvelous vault showing paintings made by Gerardo Suárez and Jacobo Galvez. Do not forget to take lots of pictures!

Source: Visit Mexico

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