Delivery of “Mi Pasaje” program for the elderly and people with disabilities in Puerto Vallarta began


This Friday, the delivery of the Mi Pasaje “My Passage” program to the elderly and people with disabilities in Puerto Vallarta began; The beneficiaries will be more than 2,500 in this last installment of the year.

It is worth mentioning that, for several weeks, the registration for these groups was opened through 30 telephone lines so that they could make their appointment since due to the health contingency a certain number of people will be attended per day

After finishing the delivery to students, this Friday, the people who had to collect their support attended from early on, so they went to UNIRSE as well as to the University Center of the Coast, since two venues were assigned for the reason mentioned above to avoid crowds as these risk groups are. 

It should be noted that those enrolled in this program will only be those who will receive the support, since there are no registrations for the first entry, and since they will be small groups per day, the delivery for them will end until November 30 of this year.

It is important that they come with their documents that they already know so that they can recharge their Mi Pasaje card and thus save the payment of public transport.

It is recommended to arrive five minutes before your appointment and not be absent since the person who does it will automatically unsubscribe and will be out of this program.

But if you have symptoms of fever or other coronavirus symptoms, you can notify the offices where you have to collect your support.

It is worth mentioning that for the latter, a little more than 6 thousand people will be benefiting, including students, the elderly, and people with disabilities.


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