30% of Mexico real estate companies that closed due to the pandemic will not return


Jorge Carbonell, Main Operator for the Mexico region of the KW Border company, explains how they survived the crisis.

TIJUANA.-  The real estate industry suffered a drop of between 35% to 40% worldwide during May as a result of the pandemic, in addition, 70% of the country’s real estate companies made lockdown, and sadly 30% of them no longer returned to business This was reported by Jorge Carbonell, Main Operator for the Mexico region of the KW Border company, dedicated to real estate.

Carbonell visited Tijuana to give training on the effects of Covid-19 in the real estate sector, he mentioned that from the outset the first step to resist the crisis was based on the ability to adapt and migrate work platforms to new technologies.  

“We are living through a very stressful time but also with a lot of movement and thanks to the technologies and real estate enhancement platforms that KW has, we were able to exist and not close completely, if we did it physically but not in our management through the network,” he shared. 

He explained that in addition to the good use of information technologies, KW developed and applied a formula that allowed them to exist in these times of Covid-19, a strategy that involves motivation, personal development, and resilience.   

“We have a formula that was fundamental to continue operating and that is what allows us to exist today, that formula is called” Triple “A” by 3 cubed equal to existing “, this means (action, specific activities and a mental attitude positive), that allowed us to move forward and unite more as a team, “he explained.

The specialist mentioned that part of the fact of going to Tijuana to provide this training is because Tijuana represents a key market for the real estate industry, characteristics that make it a market for sellers like few others in the country.    

“Tijuana is an excellent market, it is a buyers market together with Ciudad Juárez, San Miguel de Allende, and Puerto Vallarta, but the rest of the country is a seller’s market, that is to say, that there is much more demand than supply,” he said.

He also emphasized the fact that the real estate market in Baja California has special characteristics based on being neighbors of the United States, a country where the pandemic caused significant drops of between 15% and 20% in the north, however in the south, speaking of the area In California, the cities began to be decentralized due to remote work, which caused an appreciation in the value of properties and therefore made the market more attractive for investors in Mexico.  

“Home prices average 300 thousand dollars for a property in the southern United States, which is very high since the decentralization factor exists, Mexico becomes very attractive for buyers, it is a great opportunity, taking into account the exchange rate. at 21 pesos Mexico’s national average of 110 thousand dollars at most, which represents 3 times less than a home in the United States, “he clarified.

He mentioned that another of the great attractions of the city is its vertical constructions, since this real estate evolution shows positive growth, for cities that have the capacity to carry out this reconversion.   

“The reconversion of the land is the best thing that can happen in a city, we must see it not as a concrete city but as something organic, then have the opportunity to reconfigure itself and have the services concentrated and go up, is something that few cities they have and Tijuana can get a lot out of it because of the urban area, ”he explained.  

Finally, he reflected that all these types of situations that break with the status quo and this new reality, it will be the individual’s decision to focus on the positive, “First we have united as an organization, we protect each other against this situation and that has allowed us to close ranks and take advantage of the absences of colleagues who could not continue ”, he concluded.

Source: uniradionoticias.com

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