103-year-old woman defeats COVID-19 at IMSS hospital in Jalisco


With a huge smile on her face and in the middle of an ovation, Doña María , 103 years old, left the Regional General Hospital (HGR) No. 110 of the IMSS in Jalisco, where she was treated for 11 days for coronavirus, and finally, on Saturday, October 3rd, she was discharged.

“She was always very spirited, conscientious, talking with the doctors. She always tells people to take care of themselves. Her evolution was very good, the symptoms disappeared. She is very likely the longest-lived patient we have seen, not only in the hospital but in the state, ”said doctor David Sánchez González, director of HGR No. 110.

The specialists highlighted that the patient had a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) derived from cooking for a long time with wood, but did not have other comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or obesity, which contributed to the success of her treatment.

“She is originally from the state of Zacatecas, but has long lived in a popular neighborhood in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. She is the mother of five children and is really very healthy, except for her lung disease that makes her dependent on home oxygen, ”the specialist explained.

Doña María was admitted on September 22, derived from the Family Medicine Unit (UMF) No. 34, and the process of diagnostic confirmation and care began immediately. The patient started with symptoms two days before: runny nose, fever, and respiratory distress. Imaging studies at HGR No. 110 confirmed pulmonary involvement, so the unit was admitted.

There he remained stable throughout his stay and did not require mechanical ventilation. Her good spirit and proactivity stood out at all times. The doctor said that each patient brings very particular experiences to the medical team, however, the case of Doña María “is an event that fills us with motivation, because it makes us feel that the effort of those of us on the front line is worth it”.

He added that this case “is a great achievement for the medical staff of the IMSS hospital in Guadalajara and also a life lesson for everybody.”

Source: Milenio

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