Tabasco, in the southeast of the country, is a green and colorful Eden of nature and culture. As a state of the republic, it is relatively small with little more than 24,730 square kilometers, however, that is enough to captivate thousands of travelers with its infinite and unexpected landscapes. It is right there where there are two places that you cannot miss for their beauty, where you will want to take one and another and another photograph. Get your camera and phone ready for Instagram!

Iglesia del Señor de Tila

La Iglesia del Señor de Tila, una maravilla colorida de Tabasco | México  Desconocido

The first of these is the Iglesia del Señor de Tila in Balancán, a municipality that borders Campeche and Guatemala. It is specifically located in the Ejido Leona Vicario and as soon as you observe it you will understand why thousands of tourists travel to see it. Its colorful façade is reminiscent of a rainbow, one that shines even more brightly thanks to the Sun and the small lagoon that guards the religious site. We recommend you also appreciate the reflection of the structure on the water, it will seem like an illusion.

Iglesia Del Señor De Tila - Carretera a Balancán

Inside you will see a chapel lined with wood carved by hand by the inhabitants, who shaped a space that causes peace. Due to its spiritual nature, this place is frequented by locals and residents of neighboring towns such as Multe, Laguna Coronada, and Arenal. These people assure that the Lord of Tila is very miraculous and that he has been very grateful to the people who built this church for him 22 years ago.

Sunflower Sanctuary

Conoce el Santuario de los Girasoles en Tabasco

After admiring it, head to the Sunflower Sanctuary, which is three minutes away. This project was created with the intention of producing sunflower oil, but it has become a tourist destination during the flowering stage of the plants. Here you can walk the length and breadth of 11 hectares. The only recommendation is to respect the life of magnificent flowery lists. They also have a gastronomic and artisan corridor to visit before or after.

Excursión Santuario de los Girasoles, Balancán, Tabasco

Of course: take into account that the flowering time of sunflowers is at the end of March. Write it down in your agenda so that when you plan a trip to Tabasco on those dates, you will take the opportunity to admire the flowers in their maximum splendor. Entrance to the venue is free, except for professional photographers who must pay a fee of $ 300 pesos. If you fancy a photo shoot they can give you the service! You will fall in love with this part of the eighth smallest state in Mexico, Tabasco.


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