Looking for a Wellness Vacation? Try Cabo!


Surrounded by the peacefulness of the desert and the calmness of the sea, Los Cabos is an ideal escape for wellness, especially after spending several months at home.

There are several relaxing activities to take part in, such as yoga, paddleboarding, hiking and biking, to help ground people in the surrounding nature.

In addition to wellness activities, many hotels and resorts in the destination offer world-class spas with treatments that rejuvenate, restore and replenish both the body and the mind.

The Los Cabos reopening plan is gaining momentum, and tourists are beginning to arrive back in this lovely place. However, some people may choose to hold off on booking their vacation for now.

Anyone not ready to take the trip yet can tune in to Cabo at Home, a virtual series on Los Cabos’ blog and social media channels that connects people to the spirit of Los Cabos from their own homes.

Photo: by Max Rovensky via Unsplash

Every Wednesday, a wellness-themed activity, experience or feeling in Los Cabos is highlighted on social channels, and viewers can take part from the comfort of their homes. Activities include sunset streams, HIIT classes with Los Cabos based Elite Fit and music and playlists inspired by Los Cabos.

To learn more about the wellness opportunities available during a vacation spent in this destination, explore the Los Cabos blogs on this topic.

Source: Travel Pulse

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