Again… Left Without Water Due to Electrical Failure; Guadalajara, Jalisco


The Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, reported on Saturday night that once again, the instability of the Federal Electricity Commission’s (CFE) electrical system caused two current transformers at the Chapala-Guadalajara pumping plant to fail, affecting water distribution.

“Last night (Saturday), the fourth transformer in three days failed in the water pumping system from Chapala to Guadalajara. Something very unusual and serious is happening with the national electrical system.

“Our teams are working day and night to address this issue, and the last damaged equipment has been repaired. However, system stabilization has not been achieved due to three consecutive days of electrical failures,” he wrote.

He added that they will be constantly monitoring to prevent a new failure.

“We hope that it will be resolved today, and the system will be fully restored within a few hours. We conduct 24/7 surveillance of the equipment, even with public security, because we cannot understand what is behind these events. We will keep you informed,” he detailed.

Uriel Jarillo, a resident of the San Andrés neighborhood, is one of the people affected by the blackouts.

“Since Thursday, we have been without water. We have a cistern, but it hasn’t filled up yet, so we don’t have water for bathing or washing dishes. Other times, there was a little, but this time, we’re completely without water,” he said.

Uriel mentioned that last year around the same time, there was also a water shortage, but not to this extent.

“There was a water shortage, but not as severe. They would cut it off, but there was still a trickle, and we could fill the cistern a bit. But now, we have nothing at all,” he asserted.

He explained that they are currently using the small amount of water left in the cistern.

Source: Excelsior