7 Bars You Must Visit in Guadalajara


In the Americana neighborhood, one of the most attractive in Guadalajara, there are great places to try some flirtatious ‘drinks’

The Americana neighborhood is one of the oldest in Guadalajara, but also one of the coolest districts in the capital of Jalisco. Its streets are lined with historic mansions featuring various architectural styles, now housing galleries, cultural centers, and even restaurants and bars. If you’re visiting the city and looking for charming drinks, we give you the coordinates to quench that “bad thirst.”

El Gallo Altanero

It’s not one of the top 50 bars in the world, but it’s close. In the 2023 selection of ‘The World’s 50 Best Bars,’ El Gallo Altanero was ranked 65th out of 100 bars worldwide.

Their specialty is agave spirits, with a notable curation of independent tequila producers. Their bartenders, of course, have to be ‘masters’ of signature cocktail-making.

In addition, the bar hosts musical events. Its decoration is inspired by the agave plant and roosters.

Find it at Marsella Street 126.

Instagram: @elgalloaltanero

El Habanero Negro

The name gives you a hint of what to expect. This tavern with a peculiar style mixes Yucatecan cuisine, tropical rhythms, and, of course, the spicy touch of habanero chili.

The drink menu is so varied and even exciting. Share some of their sea dishes with friends or your partner in a very authentic, laid-back, and fun atmosphere.

Try the ‘Chejuino,’ a refreshing drink with tejuino, salt, lemon, and beer. Just be patient because it gets full and you might have to queue.

It is located at Manuel López Cotilla Street 1228A.

Instagram: @elhabaneronegro

Santa Sabina

If you’re looking for a good craft beer, this place might become one of your favorites. With a track record of more than 10 years in special beers with a strong character, Santa Sabina continues to innovate with unusual styles and flavors.

Regardless of the season, you will always find interesting and innovative proposals, such as maple and chocolate beers, banana pie, churros, tangerine, or white chocolate and pecan nut. Try their coffee pot-inspired beer.

Find it at Vidrio Street #1888.

Instagram: @cervezasantasabina


This comfort bar, inspired by American diners, proudly offers a wide variety of natural wines, hearty dishes, and good music.

Its name refers to the wines served there: natural or low-intervention, so they have fresh and young flavors, different from traditional ones.

But wine isn’t everything, Turbio also offers, alongside, a menu of craft beers, drinks, and agave spirits. The music is another plus, mixing different styles.

The atmosphere is cozy and fun, in a space with warm colors and vintage decor.

Located at Pedro Moreno Street #1103.

Instagram: @ttuurrbbiioo

De la O Cantina

Self-named ‘Guadalatiki.’ De la O is a cantina that combines Mexican tradition and avant-garde.

Its creative cocktail menu always offers a new version of typical drinks, such as tepache, pulque, and mezcal.

In a rustic space with a touch of elegance, a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere dominates, where you can order dishes to share with your companions.

Located at Argentina Street #70.

Instagram: @delao_gdl


Hidden in an Italian restaurant, this speakeasy immediately transports you to the clandestine sites of the Prohibition era in the United States.

Upon finding the right book on the bookshelf, a portal opens to a special place, a bar with grand cocktails and excellent music.

This secret little corner in the Americana neighborhood is perfect for an unforgettable moment, with “improvised drinks.” They are called this because they capture the personality and tastes of the diner, as well as the creativity of the mixologist.

It is located at Manuel López Cotilla Street #1498-A.

Instagram: @pimp.bar.cocteleria

Pare de Sufrir

If you are passionate about mezcal, this place is paradise. Being one of the most fascinating mezcalerias in Guadalajara, it has been included in the ’50 Best Discovery’ list, a global selection that recognizes those bars that are a true promise.

The name of this place, Pare de Sufrir, alludes to the legendary healing powers of the agave spirit. The bar is equipped with more than 70 varieties of the distillate, including a unique proposal made with chicken breast, venison or turkey, spices, and fruits.

It also boasts a great variety of Mexican spirits, such as raicilla, bacanora, and sotol. It self-identifies as a “cultural center of music.”

Find it at Argentina Street #66.

Instagram: @paredesufrirgdl

Explore the Americana Neighborhood

The Americana neighborhood in Guadalajara was recognized as ‘the coolest neighborhood in the world’ according to Time Out magazine in its 2022 ranking. These are other places you should include in your visit:

– El Paseo Chapultepec.

– Architectural gems such as the Clover Lawn mansion, the Casa Gómez Luna, and the Casa ITESO-Clavigero (work of the prodigious architect Luis Barragán).

– The Museum of the Arts (MUSA).

– The Expiatory Temple.

– Its urban art.

Source: El Universal