The Cost of Reaching Vallarta with the New Section


With the new section of the short route to Puerto Vallarta, the journey to the tourist destination has decreased in terms of time, but it represents a cost in toll fees.

The penultimate section of the short route Guadalajara – Puerto Vallarta was opened to the public last Wednesday, March 27. From that moment, the journey to the tourist destination decreased in relation to time, but it represents a cost in toll fees.

With the most recent section, the time to reach Puerto Vallarta from Guadalajara is two and a half hours, not taking into account the traffic inside the city and the entry to the conurbated area of the coastal municipality.

That is, the new section from Compostela to Las Varas shortens the route by 25 minutes, according to estimates; when the last section is finished, it is expected that the journey from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta will be just over two hours.

The short route to Puerto Vallarta still has one more section to finish. Currently, another section of 32.2 kilometers is under construction, which will reduce the transfer time by 25 minutes, the same that will connect the San Vicente Junction directly with the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. It is said that it would be ready by August.

Guadalajara – Puerto Vallarta Toll Cost

| Toll Booth | Toll Price |

| El Arenal  | 193 pesos  |

| Plan de Barrancas | 288 pesos |

| Amado Nervo | 193 pesos |

| La Peñita | 171 pesos |

| Bucerías | 223 pesos |

| **TOTAL** | **1068 pesos** |

There is the possibility of not taking the last two toll booths (La Peñita and Bucerías), but that would mean traveling some kilometers by the Federal Highway 200 which lowers the toll, but increases the time. It is a matter of reviewing the budget.

Source: El Informador