Once again, Lake Chapala is invaded and Conagua is nowhere to be seen.


Conagua in Jalisco has outright disclaimed responsibility even though it is within their jurisdiction.

This Sunday afternoon, through an anonymous complaint, citizens shared with this media videos in which construction machinery is seen moving stones to fill a considerable surface area on the shore of Lake Chapala, an environmental crime that, in theory, should be sanctioned by the National Water Commission (Conagua).

The events took place in the Riberas del Pilar area, where the damage left by this rainy season can be seen, as the water level is below expectations, a situation that was taken advantage of by the owners of adjacent lands to fill the beach area with stones and soil at the height of the San Antonio Tlayacapan delegation, in the municipality of Chapala.

Since September, groups defending the Lake, along with citizens from the lakeside towns of Jocotepec and Chapala, traveled to Mexico City to protest before Conagua against the invasion and dredging that various individuals are doing in the basin of the largest natural lake in Mexico.

At that time, it was agreed to address the case. Even the authorities assured citizens that the response would be almost immediate. It was not.

Despite the good attention they received in the capital of the country, upon arriving in Jalisco the panorama was the same: impunity and disinterest. Conagua in Jalisco outright disclaimed responsibility even though it is within their jurisdiction.

Among the arguments given was the lack of evidence of invasions into the lake. This, despite the fact that the lands under construction within the federal land are clearly visible. Instead, they passed the responsibility to the municipalities, entities that to date have not made an official statement on the matter.

However, this is not a problem of this administration alone.

For at least two decades, people who own lands on the shores of Lake Chapala have made extensions and hired hundreds of trucks full of dirt and rubble to dump into the lake. And in the face of the omission of authorities at all levels, this crime continues with impunity and the largest lake in the country, and one of the main tourist attractions of the State, is invaded.”

Source: UDG TV