Authorities located 77 migrants in a hotel in Guadalajara


Deceived, 77 undocumented immigrants were stranded in a hotel in Guadalajara, who were rescued by the Tapatía Police.

The police received a report of people deprived of their freedom, it was the migrants themselves who asked for help from the authorities, since some had been in the hotel for three or four days, in desperation, they called the Guadalajara police.

The officers went to the Hotel, located on 5 de Febrero Street and Las Conchas, in the Analco Colony. Initially, the receptionist prevented the police from entering the hotel, but after requesting command and conduct from the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, they were able to enter the rooms.

There, they found 38 men, 20 women and 19 minors (11 boys and eight girls), who came from Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras. Some had dehydration, headache and flu, so they were assessed by paramedics.

According to the affected, their destination was Sinaloa, where they would work in the tomato harvest. Apparently, they were gathering them in the hotel to take them together, but as the days went by, they woke up and asked for help.

Personnel from the Mexican Army, the National Guard and the National Migration Institute arrived at the place, who will determine what will happen to the affected, while the Prosecutor’s Office will investigate who brought the migrants.

Source: Informador