21K of Guadalajara, ready to make history


The race will have a record participation and will seek certification for the Platinum category, which would make it the most important in Latin America

Tomorrow, the Pearl of the West will host one of the events that will mark the sports history of the city. The Guadalajara Half Marathon will live its thirty-eighth edition with a record of participation, as it has reached the goal of achieving 21 thousand registrations; in addition, it will seek to obtain the Platinum label from World Athletics, which would certify this event as the best race in all of Latin America.

It was in 1985 that the Guadalajara Half Marathon was organized for the first time; since then and to date it has become an event of tradition and excellence among the Tapatíos, taking place every year, except for 2021 when it was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout all this time, one edition surpasses the other. In 2017, World Athletics awarded the Organizing Committee the bronze label; for 2018 the event was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Municipality and also rose in category with the gold label, positioning it among the 50 best events worldwide.

With a circuit of 21.0975 kilometers, the athletes will leave from Fernando de Celada street, right between the Vallarta Arches and the Minerva roundabout; in a westward direction they will travel along Vallarta avenue until turning left on Niño Obrero Avenue, to later meet Lázaro Cárdenas road, make their journey in an eastward direction, pass through Chapalita Avenue and Las Rosas Avenue, go up Mariano Otero Avenue, returning to Brussels street and repeat the return route to reach the starting point that will also be the finish line; along the circuit, the runners will be able to enjoy monuments such as the Matute Remus bridge, Arcos del Milenio, Niños Héroes roundabout, among others.

Given the large call of athletes that is expected, the exits will be staggered by blocks. The shot that will inaugurate the actions will be given at 06:20 hours for the parathletes; ten minutes later, the elite and classified athletes will begin their trajectory, and by 06:35 hours the conventional runners will start their march to complete the challenging route.

All the athletes who finish the route will be recognized with a commemorative medal that was designed by the Jalisco artist Ricky Grana, but the first five places that reach the finish line will obtain cash equally. That is, both in the male and female branches they will take the same amount of money, as part of an initiative of the municipality in terms of gender equity.

The prize pool amounts to one million 860 thousand pesos, and special prizes will also be recognized to the first Mexican athletes, woman and man, to reach the finish line; to the first Jalisco athletes to finish the route in both branches and to the athlete who breaks the best mark of the event, which for women is 01:08:53 imposed in 2019 by Afera Godfay of Ethiopia; while for men it is 01:01:03 achieved by Yasin Haji in 2023.

Attention with the road closures for the race

As part of the efforts of the Organizing Committee to safeguard the integrity of the athletes and provide a maximum quality event, some road closures will be carried out that began being partial from the first minute of this day in the surroundings of La Minerva.

From 04:00 hours on Sunday, the entire route of the race will be closed to motorists.

Total closures

Av. Vallarta, from Arcos to Av. Niño Obrero

Av. Niño Obrero, from Av. Vallarta to Lázaro Cárdenas road

Calz. Lázaro Cárdenas, from Av. Niño Obrero to Av. Mariano Otero

Av. Mariano Otero, from Av. Las Rosas to Av. Chapultepec

Av. Niños Héroes, from Av. Chapultepec to Argentina street

Translate the text to English: Av. Las Rosas, from Av. Chapalita to Av. Mariano Otero

Av. Chapalita, from Lázaro Cárdenas road to Av. Las Rosas

Alternative routes

It should be noted that the previous streets and avenues will open as the participants pass by, starting around 10:00 am tomorrow. The alternative routes are:

East to west and west to east

Av. Mexico

Av. Justo Sierra

Av. England

López Cotilla Street

Av. Niños Héroes/Guadalupe

South to north and north to south

Av. López Mateos (only central lanes in the area of the Minerva roundabout)

Av. Faro and lateral of Mariano Otero, south to north direction, to go to Av. Arcos

Av. Tonantzin – Satelite street – av. Arboledas

Av. Luis Pérez Verdía

Av. Enrique Díaz de León

The last champions

During the Guadalajara Half Marathon last year, the Ethiopian not only won, but also set a route record of 1:01:03.

Hiwot Gebrekidan

Despite not breaking the branch mark of 01:08:53, she was 13 thousandths of a second away from achieving it last year; however, her effort led her to be crowned.

Last Mexican winners

On the women’s side, Mayra Sánchez finished the course in a time of 01:14:26 to be the champion in 2014. And with the men, there is the record of Juan Luis Barrios, who was twice champion in 2015 and 2016, being the last Mexican athlete to cross the finish line in first place.

An unparalleled atmosphere is lived

Beyond the multiple certifications that the Guadalajara Half Marathon can boast, one of the things that distinguishes it most from similar events is the atmosphere on race day.

There have been many athletes who mention that despite testing themselves in other cities, the route of the Pearl Tapatia has no comparison. As mentioned by Alfredo Plascencia, an expert runner for more than 10 years, who has been in different cities of the Mexican republic, but who always returns with pleasure to the 21K of Guadalajara for the great atmosphere.

“What is experienced in the Half Marathon is really like a party. Those of us who like to run are very motivated by the cheers and listening to the mariachi. The organization is also excellent and everything is aimed at you enjoying it,” said Plascencia.

“I have had the opportunity to run in different parts of Mexico and other athletes have told me that the half of Guadalajara is unique, from the effort that it demands because of the complexity of the route with its climbs, to the music that is heard along the race,” he added.

For Alfredo, 44, running through the city streets in the 21K means a great happiness and the greatest proof that everyone can be capable of beating their fears and own barriers.

“It is an event that every time I run it I realize that the limits you may have can be overcome. There are people who run it for a family member or for an injury they had, but it is not only the act of running, but what is behind each person. It has given me joy in my life,” concluded Alfredo.

Running for a goal

There are many reasons why a person decides to participate in a half marathon, especially because it is a test that demands the greatest possible effort both mentally and physically.

However, for Liliana Farfán, being part of this sports festival brings her closer to her goal of being able to guide visually impaired people in the future, because she says, they are worthy of admiration.

Source: Informador