Did you know that Mexico’s smallest beach is in Puerto Vallarta?


Jalisco houses a beach that stands out for the crystal clear water that surrounds it and for being the smallest in the country.

Mexico has a wide variety of natural spaces that manage to surprise those who visit them; however, there is a beach in Puerto Vallarta that steals attention for its particular characteristics.

Besides, having turquoise water and being surrounded by rocky bodies, the beach is considered the smallest in the country

Would you like to visit it? OK, we tell you where it is and how you can get there.

A few minutes from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, is Colomitos Beach considered the smallest in the country because its extension of sand does not exceed 30 meters long.

The shape of this unique beach is similar to that of a triangle, as it ends at a sandhead and is surrounded by rocky bodies and vegetation.

This beach is not very deep either because it is barely 10 meters long, so its visitors usually take advantage of this feature to perform water sports such as snorkeling.

In addition, this shallow depth and crystal clear water make it easier to appreciate the fauna inhabiting the area’s waters, featuring species such as pufferfish, needlefish, or clownfish.

In general, it is a complete experience that allows you to enjoy nature due to the small influx of people, which makes it ideal to go relax.

How to get to Playa Colomitos?

This paradise is just 20 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, it can be accessed by Boca de Tomatlán, using a water taxi with an estimated arrival time of 10 minutes; or you can walk on a trail that passes through the jungle, in a route that takes approximately 45 minutes.