What is the cheapest area to live in Guadalajara? 


Guadalajara is a city that has positioned itself as one of the best in the world, as magazines such as “Time Out” and the “New York Times” have pointed out that the city has one of the best neighborhoods to live in (the Colonia Americana), However, the issue of gentrification is one of the big problems for its inhabitants and the reason why getting a cheap rent is a challenge for the people of Guadalajara.  

The phenomenon of gentrification is an urban process in which a deteriorated neighborhood or area, generally in a central zone, experiences a significant socioeconomic and cultural change due to the arrival of residents with greater purchasing power, which causes the gradual displacement of impoverished neighbors. 

It is indisputable that the City of Roses has experienced accelerated population growth in recent years, which has led to positioning it as an attractive option for those seeking professional growth and improving their quality life. All this means that getting a cheap rent in Guadalajara is not so easy and therefore, it is understandable that the inhabitants of the city look for areas that are economical and safe.  

In the case of Guadalajara, some areas that were previously considered economic are not so economic today. Such is the case of Washington, the central zone and Santa Tere; they are all gentrified, so housing prices are on the rise. However, there are still areas that, although they are a little further away from the downtown area, are still an option to live within the AMG. 

It is not difficult to deduce, then, that the cheapest or most affordable areas for the population are to the east of the city. Neighborhoods such as Oblatos, Belisario Domínguez and El Retiro have lower rental prices. Also, other more viable options are on the outskirts of the city, such as La Calma or Tesistan, located in Zapopan. Another option that may be attractive to citizens is Tonalá, also located to the east of the city. 

   Source: Informador