Guadalajara toll booth heading to the tourist beach raises its price  


Summer vacations continue and one of the most visited places in recent weeks has been Puerto Vallarta, however, if you are thinking of going to this tourist destination it is important that you keep the following in mind. 

Today going to Puerto Vallarta is faster but more expensive, since with the new road section you can get there in less than four hours, however, the economic outlay in toll booths could be more than a thousand pesos one way. 

How much does it cost to go to Puerto Vallarta from GDL? 

Leaving from the Center of Guadalajara there are 326 kilometers with an estimated time of almost four hours, and passing through 7 booths. 

     El Arenal: $193.00 

     Plan de Barrancas: $288.00 

     Jala-Compostela: $150.00 

     Compostela: $41.00 

     La Penita: $171.00 

     Bucerias: $223.00 

What is the booth that raised its prices? 

Don’t be surprised, until just the month of March of this year, the Compostela booth cost 38 pesos, however, nowadays going through it costs 41 pesos, that is, three pesos more, for What the total cost to get to Puerto Vallarta from Guadalajara is 1,066 pesos, one way; If you add the round trip, the total cost will be 2,132 pesos. 

In these rainy times remember to take your precautions, drive carefully, check the mechanical conditions of your vehicle to reach your destination safely. 

    Source: Informador