Elena Gouliakova, the Russian skating star who lives on the streets of Jalisco  


Elena Gouliakova, a promising Russian skater, arrived in Mexico between 2001 and 2003 with her husband Nikolay Suetov. Both with the hope of starting a new challenge in different sports institutions and being able to help promote the sport at a national level. 

 From skating to the streets 

After an arduous search, both got a job at Deportivo San Agustín de Monterrey, Nuevo León. It is estimated that the couple worked both in sports and in other schools, being recognized in the world of skating. 

They even became part of the State Winter Sports Association and the Mexican Federation of Ice Skating and Winter Sports. However, in 2005 Elena began to suffer from mental illness, which is why her husband would have decided to leave her. 

In 2016, it was revealed that Gouliakova had been admitted to the psychiatric area of the Topo Chico Prison, however, when her case was reviewed, she was granted her freedom. When she was released from prison, she returned to live on the streets. 

The change to Tepatitlán 

After having lived for 22 years in Monterrey, a few weeks ago Elena could be seen walking through the streets of Tepatitlán, Jalisco. Despite the fact that several people have wanted to help her due to the precarious situation in which she finds herself, the former skater appears to “not understand” and “not be able to communicate” with others, so she continues to walk the streets. 

A series of videos have even circulated on social networks where Elena Gouliakova appears wearing dirty clothes, flip-flops, a medical tape and being accompanied by a dog, a cat, a rooster and a rabbit. Tiktok user Melissa Gutiérrez even declared that the former athlete goes to her internet cafe where she performs several searches a day. 

  Source: Medio Tiempo